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Biden Admits Debate Mistake but Promises to Stay in the Election

Biden Admits Debate Mistake but Promises to Stay in the Election

President Joe Biden admitted he “screwed up” during last week’s debate against Donald Trump but promised to keep fighting in the election. 

He asked voters to judge him based on his time in the White House, during an interview with a Wisconsin radio station. Amid rumours about his future, Biden reassured senior Democrats, including state governors and campaign staff, saying, “I’m the nominee of the Democratic Party. 

No one’s pushing me out. I’m not leaving.” Vice President Kamala Harris also showed her support, addressing speculation that she could replace him as the candidate.

A fundraising email from the Biden-Harris campaign confirmed Biden’s determination, stating, “Let me say this as clearly and simply as I can: I’m running.”

Biden’s campaign has faced concerns about his ability to win after a poor debate performance, with polls showing Trump gaining ground. A New York Times poll showed Trump with a six-point lead, and a CBS News poll showed a three-point lead in key states.

The polls, along with calls from some Democratic donors and lawmakers for Biden to step aside, have increased the pressure. Ramesh Kapur, a long-time Democratic supporter, told the BBC, “I think it’s time for him to pass the torch.”

Biden Acknowledges Debate Performance

Despite these challenges, Biden’s campaign and the White House say he is committed to running. Biden emphasized the importance of upcoming events, including an ABC News interview and a rally in Wisconsin.

Biden met with 20 state governors on Wednesday, receiving their support. Maryland Governor Wes Moore said, “The president has always had our backs, we’re going to have his back as well.”

Vice President Harris remains a possible successor, with her support among Democrats growing since the debate. Trump suggested he might focus on attacking Harris, calling her “better” but still “pathetic” compared to Biden.

Harris has shown strong support for Biden, saying in a CNN interview, “She has always been mindful to be a good partner to the president,” according to her former communications director, Jamal Simmons.

Members of the Democratic National Committee, who will vote to nominate Biden at the August convention, have discussed the possibility of Harris taking over if Biden opts out. One member, speaking anonymously, warned that changing the nominee could cause chaos and hurt the party in November.

Biden and his team know he must prove he is fit for office. He has planned trips to Wisconsin and Philadelphia and an interview on ABC News to boost confidence in his campaign.


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