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Ex-Wife of Byron Donalds Exposes His Past, Calls His Actions ‘Super Dangerous’

Ex-Wife of Byron Donalds Exposes His Past, Calls His Actions 'Super Dangerous'

The ex-wife of Florida GOP Rep. Byron Donalds is sharing a different side of the congressman than the public sees. Bisa Hall recalled meeting Donalds at Florida A&M University in 1996, describing him as “opportunistic” and willing to take any advantage he could.

She said Donalds initially claimed to be from Jamaica, using a Jamaican accent, but later admitted he was from New York. “He felt like it would make him stand out,” Hall said. “And he was right. There were a ton of guys from New York around, but no guys from Jamaica. It got him noticed.”

Hall reflected on Donalds’ political career, noting his drive to achieve what he didn’t have. “He was always driven to get what he didn’t have,” she said. Although he wasn’t religious or political during their eight-year relationship, Byron Donalds now strongly supports former President Donald Trump and promotes Christian values.

Hall was initially hesitant to speak about her time with Bryon Donalds but decided to come forward after seeing him support Trump, who has a history of sexual assault allegations, including being found guilty of abusing E. Jean Carroll. “To see Trump and Donalds together, it was like, ‘If Donalds were a good person, would this bad person be supporting him?’” she questioned.

Hall described both men as opportunistic, suggesting that Donald’s role in politics helps some people feel better about Trump. “I think what he’s doing is very dangerous, and morally, he and I have no connection at all,” she said.

Hall noted that Bryon Donalds once registered as a Democrat and that they never discussed politics during their marriage. “We never talked about how we were going to vote – it wasn’t a thing,” she said.

The couple married on June 15, 1999, but divorced in 2012 after Hall discovered Donalds was dating Florida State University student Erika Lees, who is now his wife and the mother of their three children.

Donalds’ political views have raised eyebrows, especially among Black voters. At a Black voter outreach event in Philadelphia, he controversially suggested that Black families were more united during the Jim Crow era.

After Trump was found guilty of 34 felony counts related to hush-money payments to Stormy Daniels, Donalds called for the Supreme Court to intervene.

Hall also recalled a time around Christmas 2002 when Donalds expressed a desire to rekindle their marriage, only to later insist on a quick divorce because Lees was pregnant and they needed to marry soon.

After his second marriage, Donalds began his right-wing political career, aligning with the Tea Party movement and opposing the presidency of Barack Obama, the nation’s first Black president.


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