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Here’s How Drake Can Redeem Himself After His Beef with Kendrick Lamar

Here's How Drake Can Redeem Himself After His Beef with Kendrick Lamar

Though the beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar may have ended with a win for Kendrick, Ab-Soul, a former member of Kendrick’s Black Hippy group, believes Drake can still regain his reputation.

On Tuesday, Ab-Soul shared his thoughts in a series of tweets on X. He suggested that if Drake focuses on his true skills as an MC, redemption is possible. “If Drake is the MC I imagine he can be. Redemption is not off the table. Keyword ‘MC,’” Ab-Soul tweeted.

He added, “But before my rant gets out of context. He could never compete with the Gang’Nem on rap. That was never a question.”

Rap Radar cohost Brian “B. Dot” Miller responded, saying that Ab-Soul’s comments were “disturbing” and disrespectful to Drake’s talent and success. This sparked a conversation with Terence “Punch” Henderson, president of Top Dawg Entertainment, the label for both Ab-Soul and formerly Kendrick Lamar.

B. Dot tweeted, “It’s condescending! Folks act like Drake is a diss away from selling CDs in Times Square,” to which Punch replied, “Folks?! That’s AB-Soul! lol. Not many want to match wits with Soulo. Condescending ha!”

After B. Dot accused Ab-Soul of giving Drake a backhanded compliment and claimed the “rap game caught amnesia the past two months,” Punch shot back: “Yeah, the rap game did catch amnesia… then it remembered very quickly.”

Whether he will regain his top spot in hip-hop remains uncertain. However, with fans frequently blasting “Not Like Us” at high volumes, it seems it may not be in “God’s Plan” for Drake to reclaim his throne anytime soon.


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