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‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’: Melody Shari Threatens Legal Action Against Miss Wanda

'Love & Marriage: Huntsville': Melody Shari Threatens Legal Action Against Miss Wanda

Melody Shari, star of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville,” is fed up with her co-star Latisha Scott’s mother, Miss Wanda, spreading rumours about her. Melody says these lies have hurt her reputation, and now she plans to take legal action.

The tension between Melody Shari and Wanda reached a peak when Wanda has kicked off the show after almost getting into a fight with Melody over rumours about Melody’s youngest child’s paternity. 

After years of dealing with Wanda’s attacks, Melody has decided to go to court.

In a recent live video, Melody Shari warned Wanda. She accused Wanda of lying about her skincare products, saying the reviews were fake and that Melody doesn’t use her own products.

“You spewed out a lot of false information, my girl. You spewed out a lot of hate and false information. I already texted my attorney, filing expeditiously. I’m not playing with you. Ain’t no more sparing or nothing, no shape, form or fashion, none of that.

Not doing it. And you know I ain’t doing it. Tired of you. You do too much. Ain’t nobody checking for you. You do way too much and been doing way too much. And the fact of the matter is you keep lying. Then you coming for my skincare brand too,” Melody said, as reported by Urban Belle Mag.

Melody continued, “Get ready to go to court because you’re about to be served. I’m serious. I don’t make money just for fun,” she said.

Melody’s statement, reported by Urban Belle Mag, shows she is serious about protecting her name and business from these damaging rumours.


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