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Mayor Orders Diddy to Return Key to New York City Amid Controversy

"Mayor Orders Diddy to Return Key to New York City Amid Controversy"

Sean “Diddy” Combs, has voluntarily returned his key to New York City following a publicized incident involving his former partner and artist, Cassie. 

This decision came after New York Mayor Eric Adams officially rescinded the honour due to a disturbing attack captured on video in 2016, which recently surfaced.

In the letter, Adams “strongly” condemned the 54-year-old’s actions in the 2016 attack video, which became public in May. 

He stated the attack “deeply disturbed” him. “I strongly condemn these actions and stand in solidarity with all survivors of domestic and gender-based violence,” wrote Adams.

In the video, Diddy is seen aggressively confronting Cassie, leading to physical violence. 

The footage shows a distressing scene where Combs, wearing a towel, chases Cassie and forcibly drags her, sparking widespread condemnation and adding to existing allegations of sexual abuse and assault against him.

The fallout from the video has been significant, with Combs stepping down from his roles at various businesses, including the media platform Revolt and the alcohol brand Cîroc. 

Furthermore, the FBI conducted raids on Diddy residences in Los Angeles and Miami as part of an ongoing federal criminal sex-trafficking investigation.

In a related development, Howard University has severed its ties with Combs, citing the incompatibility of his actions with the university’s core values. 

The institution’s Board of Trustees voted to revoke Diddy’s honorary degree and returned a substantial financial contribution he had made. 

The university’s decision reflects its commitment to uphold its ethical standards and support for survivors of violence.

The incident and its repercussions highlight the broader issues of accountability and the impact of public figures’ personal conduct on their professional and social standing. Mayor Adams, in his letter to Diddy, expressed a strong stance against domestic and gender-based violence, reaffirming the city’s commitment to supporting survivors and maintaining community standards.

“Mr. Combs’ behavior as captured in a recently released video is so fundamentally incompatible with Howard University’s core values and beliefs that he is deemed no longer worthy to hold the institution’s highest honor,” Howard said in a statement obtained by CBS News.

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