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Meagan Good Uses Real-Life Divorce to Inspire in ‘Divorce in the Black’

Meagan Good Uses Real-Life Divorce to Inspire in 'Divorce in the Black'

Two years after her divorce from DeVon Franklin, Meagan Good is using her personal experience to bring an empowering message in her new film, Divorce in the Black. The movie, which also stars Cory Hardrict, tells the story of Ava, a young bank worker whose husband Dallas leaves her. As Ava fights for her marriage, she discovers Dallas’ deceit and sets out to find herself and true love.

Directed by Tyler Perry, this film is the first time Good has worked with him. Speaking to The Root at Essencefest before the film’s release on Prime Video on July 11, Good shared how working with Perry helped her explore new sides of her acting.

“Tyler Perry is a genius and a wonderful person. He’s so much fun to work with because he knows what he wants but also lets you be yourself,” Good said at the 2024 ESSENCE Festival. “I usually don’t show when someone gets under my skin, but Tyler encouraged me to be raw and open. It was challenging but rewarding.”

Meagan Good said this new approach allowed her to grow as an actress. “At first, it felt strange because it was so different from my usual way of protecting myself. But it brought out something new in me. I’m really happy with the result, and I think viewers will see a different side of me.”

Even though Good couldn’t fully relate to Ava’s story, she used her friends’ experiences and her own life to make Ava’s journey from heartbreak to empowerment real. “I haven’t gone through everything Ava goes through, but by listening to friends and being honest, I tried to make her story real,” she said.

She also thought about times when friends let her down to better understand Ava’s character. “All these experiences, even the painful ones, can be empowering. I believe life comes in acts. If you get through the first act, get ready for the second because it’s going to be amazing. It’s all about how you choose to see it,” Good added.

Divorce in the Black is set to premiere on Prime Video on July 11 and promises to be a powerful story of resilience and growth.


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