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Rihanna Partners with Dior Fragrance Following Entry into $107 Billion Market

Rihanna Partners with Dior Fragrance Following Entry into $107 Billion Market

Rihanna is now the new face of J’Adore perfume by Christian Dior, and the campaign will start on September 1. Besides her music career, Rihanna has been successful in business, including launching a hair care line called Fenty Hair and reviving the Avanti sneaker line with Puma.

Just two weeks after starting Fenty Hair, Rihanna joined forces with Dior’s famous fragrance, J’Adore. The Dior team is excited to have her on board. Véronique Courtois, the CEO of Dior, praised Rihanna, saying, “The house of Dior is delighted to unveil Rihanna as the new muse of J’Adore,” the Paris-based brand disclosed in a press release.

CEO Véronique Courtois highlighted Rihanna’s selection, emphasizing her embodiment of the fragrance’s core values.

“We are immensely proud to welcome Rihanna to the Dior family. Her golden dream promises a unique reflection of a fragrance that resonates with women and maintains its brilliance. Her exceptional talent, audacity, and captivating beauty embody the dazzling, powerful femininity of Dior that transcends generations.

Christian Dior would have undoubtedly adored her,” said Courtois.

Rihanna is thrilled about her role, noting, “It’s an honor to represent J’Adore. This perfume means a lot to me and speaks to women around the world. I can’t wait to bring my own style and ideas to this beloved fragrance.”

J’Adore perfume, made by perfumer Calice Becker in 1999, is famous for its unique scent of blood orange and neroli and comes in a beautiful teardrop-shaped bottle. Before Rihanna, actress Charlize Theron was the face of J’Adore.

Rihanna’s business ventures continue to grow her fortune, which is now estimated at $1.4 billion. She recently expanded her Fenty Beauty makeup line into China, celebrating with an event in Shanghai. This move is part of her ongoing efforts to grow her brand worldwide.

Rihanna has also brought back her collaboration with Puma, relaunching the Avanti sneakers. This line combines Puma’s sporty style with Rihanna’s trend-setting fashion sense.


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