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Stefflon Don Expresses Love for Nigeria and Its Culture

Stefflon Don Expresses Love for Nigeria and Its Culture

British Jamaican rapper Stephanie Victoria Allen, known as Stefflon Don, shared her admiration for Nigeria and its culture in a recent interview with radio host Henrieveill on Tuesday.

When asked about what she loves about Nigeria, Stefflon Don enthusiastically listed several aspects: “Ooh, my gosh, there’s so many things – the music, the food. I like the people, the banter. 

They are so funny, very vibrant, and very colourful. Everything is in your face. It’s very loud. They remind me of Jamaicans but in a different way.”

She continued, “I like your tradition. As Jamaicans, we’ve been stripped of that. We’ve got dancehall, good food, and vibes, and we’re nice people, but the cultural aspect has been taken away from us.”

Stefflon Don has previously celebrated Nigerian culture in her work. Her music video for “Can’t Let You Go” features Nigerian-themed elements, including traditional dances, Ankara fabrics, and the use of Pidgin and Yoruba languages. 

Additionally, in December 2022, she hosted an Ankara-themed party for her birthday, further showcasing her appreciation for Nigerian culture.

Stefflon Don: Her Love for Nigerian Culture and Afrobeats

Stefflon Don, became famous with her hit song “Hurting Me,” featuring American rapper French Montana. Born to Jamaican parents in the UK, Stefflon Don showed her talent by mixing UK rap and Jamaican reggae styles.

Even though she had some success, Stefflon Don found it hard to become popular in the American music market. She also struggled to build a large fanbase needed to become a superstar. With the rise of Afrobeats worldwide, she saw a chance to connect with fans in Nigeria and use the popular music style to her advantage.

Stefflon Don embraced Nigerian culture and music to keep and grow her audience. She spoke about her love for Nigeria’s lively and colorful culture, saying it reminded her of Jamaica.

She included Nigerian elements in her music, like in her video for “Can’t Let You Go,” which featured traditional dances, Ankara fabrics, and Pidgin and Yoruba languages. She also hosted an Ankara-themed birthday party in December 2022 to show her connection to Nigerian culture.

Despite her efforts, Stefflon Don’s move into Afrobeats didn’t bring the big success she wanted. Music fans choose what they like, and her experiments with Afrobeats didn’t hit the mark. However, she continues to use the attention she gets from Nigeria, showing her appreciation for the culture and trying new musical styles.


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