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Tinashe Launches Cannabis Brand Green T, Celebrating Emotional and Creative Well-Being

Tinashe Launches Cannabis Brand Green T, Celebrating Emotional and Creative Well-Being

Tinashe is making waves not only in the music industry but also in the cannabis sector. She is set to release her new hybrid cannabis brand, Green T.

After parting ways with RCA Records in 2019, Tinashe has taken full control of her career, choosing her collaborations and releasing music that resonates authentically with her vision. This newfound independence led to her first solo entry on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with the viral hit, “Nasty,” as reported by Blavity.

Expanding her horizons, the 31-year-old entertainer recently announced her venture into the cannabis industry. She is now one of the newest owners of a cannabis strain. Speaking to Essence about her new line, Tinashe emphasized her connection with nature and music, stating,

“I feel most spiritual when I connect with nature and listen to music. It’s no coincidence, both are magical, profound wellness tools. Green T celebrates emotional, creative, and overall well-being.”

Partnering with RYTHM, an American cannabis brand, Tinashe created Green T, a hybrid strain. This collaboration aims to launch her collection, with Pennsylvanians being the first to purchase the product starting June 14.

The Green T strain is designed to encourage innovative thoughts and work ethic. Tinashe ensured that her brand is “rich” and enjoyable to the tastebuds, as per Essence’s report.

According to a 2017 report by Marijuana Business Daily, a mere 4.3% of cannabis business owners are Black-owned and -operated. Jesce Horton, co-founder and board chairman of the Minority Cannabis Business Association, highlighted the challenges minority entrepreneurs face in entering and surviving in the market, citing large taxes, hefty licensing fees, and systemic barriers.

“The biggest need and the biggest disparity and the biggest outrage has been the licensing process and the ability for small businesses to first get into the market, and then to survive after dealing with large taxes, huge licensing fees or all these other things that we fear are shaping up in opposition of minority entrepreneurship,” Jesce Horton, who serves as co-founder and board chairman of the Minority Cannabis Business Association, said in an interview with Marijuana Business Daily.

With more celebrities like Tinashe entering the booming cannabis industry, there is hope that they will inspire more minority and female entrepreneurs to follow suit.


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