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Why Black Athletes Should Consider Investing in Commercial Real Estate for Long-Term Wealth

Why Black Athletes Should Consider Investing in Commercial Real Estate for Long-Term Wealth

In professional sports, Black athletes are achieving great things and also finding new ways to secure their financial futures. While big contracts and endorsement deals bring in a lot of money, sports careers can be uncertain.

That’s why athletes need to think about long-term financial stability beyond their playing days. One smart option is investing in commercial real estate (CRE).

Investing in CRE means owning properties like office buildings or retail spaces that bring in regular rental income, even after an athlete stops playing. This income provides stability and financial security.

Why Black Athletes Should Invest in Real Estate

Ed Ryland, CEO of ARVO Small Business, explained in an interview “We’ve seen many Black athletes earn a lot of money quickly, only to struggle later. Now, with college athletes able to make money from NIL agreements, they must learn how to secure their future. Investing in commercial real estate is a great way to do that.”

The appeal of CRE is that properties generally increase in value over time. By using their current earnings to buy properties that will grow in value, new Black athletes can ensure financial stability in the long run.

“Real estate investment isn’t just about making money now; it’s about creating wealth that can benefit athletes and their families for years,” Ryland added. “It’s about making smart choices today that pay off in the future.”

Investing in commercial real estate also allows athletes to give back to their communities. Some athletes are buying property in their old neighbourhoods, which helps create jobs and support local businesses.

“By investing in commercial real estate, athletes can make a positive impact in their communities, using their success to create opportunities and improve lives,” Ryland said. “It’s a powerful way to leave a meaningful impact beyond personal financial gain.”

There are also tax benefits to investing in CRE. Tax deductions like depreciation and mortgage interest can lower taxable income, which is especially helpful for athletes who earn a lot.

For athletes interested in investing in commercial real estate, Ryland recommends working with professionals who understand property management and investment strategies.

“Don’t try to do it alone,” Ryland advised. “Working with experts ensures you make smart decisions, manage your investments well, and get the most out of your money.”

By investing in commercial real estate, Black athletes can secure their financial futures and help their communities thrive, showing that success in sports can lead to lasting positive change.


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