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Generative AI Leads as Top In-Demand Tech Skill with an Average Salary of $150,000 Annually

Generative AI Leads as Top In-Demand Tech Skill with an Average Salary of $150,000 Annually

Generative AI leads as the most sought-after skill in the tech industry, commanding an average salary of $150,000 annually.

A recent survey conducted by Deloitte in January 2024 among 100 corporate executives reveals that nearly half, 45%, are actively investing in upskilling and training their workforce in AI. 

Similarly, 44% of these executives are presently in the process of hiring for AI-related roles.

It’s no wonder that among the most lucrative tech skills, generative AI leads the charts. 

According to a recent report by the job search platform Indeed, job roles requiring expertise in generative AI command the highest salaries. 

Indeed’s findings indicate that when a job listing includes generative AI as a desired skill, the salary offered is on average 47% higher.

Maggie Hulce, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Indeed’s job seeker division, notes, 

“We are witnessing a sustained interest in AI-related jobs and skills.” She highlights the remarkable surge in searches for generative AI jobs on Indeed, which have skyrocketed by nearly 4,000% in the past year. 

Additionally, job postings for generative AI roles have seen a significant 306% increase since September 2022.

Employers are specifically seeking individuals with generative AI skills and expertise. The average salary potential for roles incorporating generative AI stands at $174,727. 

Roles Incorporating Generative AI

Job titles such as machine learning engineer, responsible for designing computer programs to tackle problems, and software engineer, are in high demand.

Furthermore, some employers are looking for candidates proficient in using generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot to streamline administrative tasks. 

Freelancers offering services utilizing generative AI tools like Midjourney can command fees as high as $300 per project.

For those eager to enhance or develop their generative AI skills, there are numerous avenues available. 

Hulce suggests enrolling in online courses, attending boot camps, or participating in tailored training programs focused on AI development. Various educational institutions and companies like Google and Udemy offer such courses.

Moreover, employees interested in upskilling within their current organization are encouraged to leverage the resources available to them. 

Hulce advises individuals to explore options for upskilling within their company or seek assistance from their network of colleagues and peers. 

Often, they can provide valuable insights into new tools, training opportunities, and avenues for upskilling.


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