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Mississippi Voting Boot Camp Motivates Black Women to Vote

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The Black Women Roundtable Organization in Mississippi remains dedicated to boosting voter turnout in the upcoming election.

On April 27, the group held the “Power of the Sister Vote Boot Camp,” aiming to inspire Black women to exercise their right to vote.

The event facilitated vital discussions about voting and registration, with a particular focus on reaching those who are eligible.

According to WLOX, the organizers hope to encourage all voters, particularly Black women, to head to the polls this election season.

While over 72% of Black Mississippians are registered to vote, only 42% actually participate in elections, as reported by KFF.org.

The boot camp aimed to mobilize more community members to take an active role.

Katrice Cook, fundraiser coordinator for the Council of Negro Women, emphasized the importance of motivating people of all ages to vote.

“We really need to get out and encourage our youth, our young people, everyone, both old and new,” Cook told WLOX.

“It’s very challenging in the Black community to get out and vote, so whatever we can do to enhance and improve that, we are here for it.”

The roundtable particularly focused on highlighting Black women’s potential as catalysts for change and empowerment in Mississippi.

Under the leadership of Executive Director Cassandra Welchin, the organization continues to engage in programming aimed at fostering social and political reform.

The Power of the Sister Vote Boot Camp addressed Black voters’ most pressing concerns and stressed the importance of voting.

“We recognize the impact of Black women’s participation in every political, social, and environmental movement in this country and their role in democracy and voting,” Welchin said.

“We understood the assignment then, and we still do now. In Mississippi, we continue to show up and vote.”

As Black voters are projected to account for 14% of the vote this year, according to Pew Research, the voting boot camp represented a crucial effort to drive engagement and participation.


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