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Chris Brown Buys Out Quavo’s Concert: New Low in Ongoing Feud Over Ex-Girlfriend

Chris Brown Buys Out Quavo's Concert: New Low in Ongoing Feud Over Ex-Girlfriend

Chris Brown reportedly bought all the tickets to Quavo’s concert, leaving no audience in attendance.

This move is the latest development in their ongoing feud, which has been escalating for years.

Now, a new clip is making its rounds on social media of the crowd at a Quavo concert. The crowd looks shockingly small, especially considering the size of the venue.

The attendee filming the video suggested that the former Migos member’s beef with Brown could be to blame, noting that Quavo was scheduled to hit the stage in only 30 minutes.

“Yo Chris Brown,” the cameraman says in the clip, panning to rows and rows of empty seats. “Are you serious bro? I know you’ve got something to do with this. Ain’t nobody at my man Quavo’s show today? Chris Brown, come on bro.

I know you called somebody to shut his show down. Where are the people? This is horrible… There’s nobody here.

” What do you think of the seemingly low turnout at Quavo’s recent performance? Do you think Chris Brown is to blame? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

How the Beef Between Chris Brown and Quavo Started

The beef between Quavo and Chris Brown can be traced back to 2017, when rumors surfaced that Quavo was dating Karrueche Tran, Brown’s ex-girlfriend.

This revelation reportedly caused tension between the two artists and fueled the ongoing conflict.

The feud reignited recently with a diss track on Brown’s deluxe edition of 11:11 that targeted Quavo and Karrueche Tran.

In the track, Brown accuses Quavo of being involved with Tran, using explicit lyrics to make his point.

Quavo responded with his own diss track, “Over Hes & Btches,” in which he criticizes Brown’s history of domestic violence and alleged drug use.

The full lyric is: “Okay, now f*ckin’ my old b*tches ain’t gon’ make us equal/ Sippin’ that 1942 ’cause I don’t do no Cuervo (Quavo)/ Freak b*tch, she like Casamigos, not the Migos,” Brown raps on the song.

This feud highlights the intertwined relationships within the rap and hip-hop industry, as various artists, including Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Metro Boomin, and Future, have recently been involved in their own disputes through pointed song lyrics.

The situation is further complicated by allegations involving other high-profile figures, such as Saweetie, who dated Quavo from 2018 until their split in 2021 and was also reportedly involved with Brown.

Both artists have used their lyrics to address personal grievances with each other.

As tensions continue to rise between the two artists, the impact of their public conflict remains to be seen.


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