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Barack Obama: Supporting Biden, Fearing Trump’s Return


Former President Barack Obama and his close circle have expressed growing concerns about the 2024 presidential race. As President Joe Biden’s campaign aims to stabilize support within the Democratic Party, Obama’s associates are increasingly wary of former President Donald Trump’s potential return to power.

Eric Holder, a former Attorney General and a longtime ally of Obama, voiced fears of “incalculable damage” to the country if Trump were to win the November election. When asked whether Obama shared this view, Holder confirmed that he did.

Michelle Obama, the former president’s wife, echoed these concerns during a recent podcast interview. Other Democrats also share these apprehensions, especially on the 15th anniversary of Obama’s historic election victory, as they fear the repercussions of a potential Trump comeback.

Obama admitted he was surprised at the lack of guardrails within the GOP that allowed Trump to take over the party.

But “Trump didn’t surprise me,” he said. “You watch Trump’s campaign, you watch his career, he’s never changed.”

“I mean, he comes from New York. There’s nobody in New York who does business with him or will lend him money. He is not considered a serious guy here,” Obama added.

“So, I was surprised he was elected, but I wasn’t surprised in terms of his behaviour,” Barack Obama said. “I did expect … there would be some folks in the Republican Party who would say, ‘No you can’t go that far, you can’t start praising [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and saying that his intelligence is better than the U.S. intelligence agencies.’”

Trump changed his official residence from New York to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, in 2019.

While Trump leads Biden in several polls, including a recent USA Today/Suffolk University survey, his lead is slim, with 17% of respondents favouring an unnamed third-party candidate. This situation has prompted Biden’s campaign to seek greater support from progressive and independent voters.

Barack Obama, who is said to be in frequent conversation with Biden about the state of the race, is taking on a more prominent role in assisting his former vice president. As polls show Biden struggling to gain traction among Black, Hispanic, and younger voters, Obama’s involvement becomes increasingly important.

As the 2024 election draws nearer, the spotlight is on Obama’s influence and how he might steer Biden’s campaign. The stakes are high, and the outcome of this election will have significant implications for the future of American politics.


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