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Ben Carson Stays Apart as Other VP Contenders for Trump

Ben Carson Stays Apart as Other VP Contenders for Trump

Ben Carson has been noticeably absent from recent Donald Trump fundraisers or contenders. While other potential vice presidential candidates eagerly position themselves alongside Donald Trump, one prominent figure remains notably absent.

Ben Carson, the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the Trump administration.

Instead of joining Trump at rallies or in courtrooms, Carson has taken a different path, embarking on a publicity tour to promote his latest book.

Carson’s absence from recent Trump events and the closed-door Republican donor retreat in Florida has raised eyebrows, particularly in light of his ongoing consideration for the vice presidency. Some speculate that Carson may not even believe himself to be on the shortlist.

“Ben Carson continues to be in the mix, but it is unclear why,” remarked Matthew Bartlett, a GOP strategist and former Trump State Department appointee. “Maybe even he doesn’t believe he is on the list.”

However, insiders suggest that Carson’s understated demeanour and unwavering loyalty make him a strong contender in Trump’s eyes. Amid a field of flashier candidates, Carson’s quiet resolve emerges as a valuable asset.

“The rise of understated and quiet is the key story here,” shared a source close to Trump’s campaign, speaking on condition of anonymity. “What may have been a negative — to be understated and quiet — is actually now rising as the top criteria.”

Trump’s selection process remains closely guarded, with the possibility of a decision not coming until just weeks before the Republican National Convention in July.

While Carson’s camp declined to comment, those close to him suggest that his decision, if offered the position, would likely be guided by his faith.

“If Dr. Carson believes this is something the Lord wants him to do, he will do it,” stated Deana Bass Williams, Carson’s former deputy chief of staff at HUD.

Carson’s journey from political rival to trusted ally of Trump is underscored in his latest book, where he recounts prophesying Trump’s presidency during the 2016 campaign.

Unlike some other contenders, Carson’s loyalty is unquestioned, eliminating the need for dramatic displays to prove his dedication.

“If you haven’t proved yourself in the bunker of the first administration, then you need to show up in court,” remarked the source close to the campaign.

However, skepticism persists among some GOP circles about Carson’s viability as a running mate.

“He caught fire with some of the base in 2015 when running for president, but that was almost a decade ago,” noted Bartlett. “You would be hard-pressed to find an undecided voter who would be swayed by a Carson VP pick.”

Moreover, Carson’s staunch anti-abortion stance, reiterated in his new book, could pose challenges for Trump, who seeks to navigate the complex landscape of reproductive rights in a politically charged climate.

As Trump weighs his options, Carson remains a figure of intrigue, emblematic of the delicate balancing act between loyalty and electability in the high-stakes world of vice presidential speculation.


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