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Fatal Shooting in Bronx by Scooter- Gunmen Leaves One Dead, Three Injured

Fatal Shooting in Bronx by Scooter- Gunmen Leaves One Dead, Three Injured

On Tuesday evening in the Bronx, a street corner turned into a scene of violence as four individuals fell victim to gunfire, allegedly perpetrated by assailants on scooters.

Police revealed that around 6 p.m., two scooters approached the intersection, from which approximately 10 shots were fired by passengers brandishing firearms.

Assistant Police Chief Benjamin Gurley reported that three individuals, aged between 23 and 37, sustained gunshot wounds to their legs, while a 29-year-old man succumbed to injuries sustained in his legs and chest.

Gurley noted that the perpetrators concealed their identities with masks and hoodies before fleeing northbound on the scooters.

While one person was detained for questioning on Tuesday night, Gurley clarified that it remained uncertain whether the individual was directly involved in the shooting.

Investigations are ongoing to determine whether the victims were specifically targeted or if there were any gang affiliations related to the incident.

Details regarding the conditions of the three surviving victims were not immediately disclosed.

However, Deputy Police Commissioner Kaz Daughtry highlighted the proactive efforts of the police department’s Community Response Team in the Bronx since April 1, particularly in targeting criminals on scooters.

Daughtry emphasized the significance of their actions by mentioning that since January 1, approximately 9,500 scooters, dirt bikes, and ATVs have been confiscated, with 2,500 seized in the Bronx alone.

He stated, “This is a prime example of why we’re doing this,” underscoring the importance of such measures in addressing and preventing incidents of violence in the community.



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