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Meet Silas Adekunle: The Black Innovator Behind the World’s First Intelligent Gaming Robot

Meet Silas Adekunle: The Black Innovator Behind the World's First Intelligent Gaming Robot

Silas Adekunle, a visionary Nigerian inventor and technology entrepreneur, has made remarkable strides in robotics and gaming innovation. 

He is best known for creating the world’s first intelligent gaming robot, marking a significant milestone in the industry and education.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Adekunle studied in Nigeria before relocating to the UK as a teenager.

Silas Adekunle: Background and Education

After completing his secondary school education, Adekunle proceeded to the University of the West of England where he graduated with a First Class in Robotics. In 2013, he founded Reach Robotics and developed a lot of experience on robotics within a space of four years.

Amongst the many recognitions he got, Adekunle was named “Someone to Watch in 2018” by the Black Hedge Fund Group.

Adekunle is currently the founder and CEO of Reach Robotics, a company developing the world’s first gaming robots.

Adekunle subsequently became a team leader of the Robotics In Schools programme, a programme that encourages and pays attention to students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

The programme encouraged him to develop robotics to make education more entertaining for STEM students.

Adekunle’s rise

The 33-year-old is now the highest paid in the field of robotic engineering, after being credited with building the world’s first gaming robot. Adekunle was able to achieve this feat after signing a mouth-watering deal with Apple Inc.

Adekunle co-founded Reach Robotics, a UK-based company specializing in augmented reality gaming and STEM education. 

As CEO, he led the development of MekaMon, a lifelike four-legged robot that combined robotics with augmented reality, providing a unique gaming experience.

 With a substantial investment of $12 million, including support from London Venture Partners, Reach Robotics grew to employ around 65 full-time staff.

In 2018, Adekunle secured an exclusive distribution deal with Apple, expanding MekaMon’s reach to the United States and Britain.

Despite Reach Robotics closing in 2019 due to challenges in the consumer robotics sector, Adekunle remained committed to his vision.

Turning his focus to Africa, Adekunle founded Awarri, aiming to promote robotics education across the continent.

Additionally, he co-founded (R.I), a company facilitating remote management of robots and IoT devices through cloud infrastructure.

Adekunle’s contributions have earned him recognition, including a place on the Financial Times’ “Top 100 minority ethnic leaders in technology” list and Forbes’ “30 Under 30 Europe 2018: Technology” list.


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