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Tesla Unveils Design of its Upcoming Robo-taxi App

Tesla Unveils Design of its Upcoming Robo-taxi App

Tesla Inc. is set to revolutionize the transportation industry with its ambitious plans for a robo-taxi service. Amidst softening EV demand and shrinking profit margins, the tech giant is shifting gears to focus on the untapped potential of autonomous vehicles. 

The first quarter earnings presentation of the company showcased a sleek black-and-white interface that would enable users to hail a driverless vehicle, control the car’s interior temperature, and monitor its location on a 3D map.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, elaborated on the company’s vision for the robo-taxi business during an investor call.

“There will be some number of cars that Tesla owns itself and operates, a bunch where they are owned by the end user,” Musk said.

 He compared the upcoming service to a hybrid of Airbnb and Uber. According to Musk, Tesla will own and operate a certain number of cars, while the rest will be owned by end users.

Musk envisions a future with “tens of millions of cars” in a self-driving fleet. 

Preview of Tesla Robo-taxi App

This fleet will not only provide a service to riders but also serve as a valuable source of data and feedback for Tesla, especially in instances of system failures.

As the demand for electric vehicles softens and price cuts impact Tesla’s robust automotive profit margins, the company is shifting its focus towards the potential value of its self-driving software and robotaxi business. 

Earlier in April, Musk announced that Tesla would unveil a much-anticipated robotaxi in August.

Despite facing criticism from safety groups and navigating through high-profile legal issues, Tesla continues to innovate. 

The company is advancing its driver-assist software, known as “Full-Self Driving” or FSD, and is also developing ride-hailing functionality for future implementation. 

This move signifies Tesla’s commitment to pioneering in the realm of autonomous vehicles and ride-hailing services.


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