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Tyrese Says He’s ‘Done Living in Fear,’ Accuses Ex-Wife of Death Threats and Extortion in Instagram Rant

Tyrese Says He's 'Done Living in Fear,' Accuses Ex-Wife of Death Threats and Extortion in Instagram Rant

Tyrese, the actor and star of the Fast & Furious movie, is no stranger to sharing his life’s ups and downs on social media. Recently, he took to Instagram to express his ongoing struggles with his ex-wife, Norma Mitchell Gibson, in a candid and extensive post.

The actor, who shares a 16-year-old daughter, Shayla, with Gibson, told his 20 million followers that he refuses to live in fear of his ex-wife’s potential actions. He stated, “I’ve got nothing to lose but my mind and my reputation… And neither one of these are no longer up for grabs.”

Tyrese, known for his transparency, challenged societal norms by publicly discussing the alleged abuse and trauma he suffered at the hands of a woman. He questioned the double standards of privacy, recalling how his life was disrupted in 2017 due to accusations made by his ex-wife.

In a series of serious allegations, Tyrese accused Gibson of various illegal activities, including death threats, extortion, blackmail, and international wire fraud. He declared his determination to regain control over his life and career, stating, “No one will EVER HAVE POWER over my life and career…. Ever.”

“I’m done living my life in fear of what she might accuse me of next… I’m done with anyone having power over my life to make ALL THAT I HAVE BUILT crumble…. [ for those of you who will say ‘Cry me a river, you rich alpha MALE’…. That’s cool.

“Extortion, death threats, blackmail, tax evasion, domestic and international wire fraud, skipping 3 FULL YEARS of tuition of our daughter’s schooL OVER 25k in the rears 167 pages of the full on court documents link in bio ] …25 years of my life and me being a committed father…. No one will EVER HAVE POWER over my life and career…. Ever….”

Tyrese’s romantic relationships have often been the subject of public scrutiny. Following his separation from Gibson, he married Samantha Lee, with whom he is currently navigating a complex divorce.

His subsequent relationship with Instagram influencer/model Zelie Timothy also ended in a public breakup, allegedly due to his excessive songwriting about his previous relationship.

What led to Tyrese’s divorce from Norma Mitchell Gibson?

Tyrese Gibson’s divorce from Norma Mitchell Gibson was reportedly due to a series of complex issues. During the finalization of their divorce, Mitchell sought a modification to their custody arrangement and requested spousal support and attorney fees.

However, a significant point of contention appears to have been financial disputes. Tyrese accused Norma of misappropriating his money. When confronted, Norma allegedly denied these accusations, which ultimately led Tyrese to file for divorce.


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