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Emma Grede: Co-founder of Kardashian’s £4bn Skims

Emma Grede Co-founder of Kardashian's £4bn Skims

Emma Grede is a visionary entrepreneur and a key player behind the Kardashian billion-dollar empire.  

At 40 years old, Emma Grede holds the title of co-founder and CEO of the renowned denim brand Good American, as well as being a founding partner in Kim Kardashian’s shapewear line, SKIMS.

But her influence in the fashion industry goes far beyond her roles in these successful companies.  

Emma Grede’s impressive resume includes a notable appearance on Season 13 of Shark Tank, where she achieved a significant milestone as the first Black female investor to feature on the show.

Her outstanding achievements earned her a place among America’s wealthiest self-made women, as recognized by Forbes, boasting a net worth of $320 million

How did Emma Grede become the founding partner of the Kardashian fashion empire? 

Her journey began six years ago when she played a crucial role in launching all three of the Kardashian businesses.  

First, in 2016, she co-founded Good American, revolutionizing the denim industry with new sizes and fits, leading to over $1 million in sales on the day of its launch. 

Grede then took the plunge into the shapewear market, becoming a founding partner in SKIMS in 2019.

This move proved pivotal for Kim Kardashian’s path to becoming one of the world’s billionaire women.

SKIMS recently achieved a staggering market valuation of approximately $4 billion, further solidifying its position in the industry. 

Emma Grede’s partnership with the Kardashian family is an exemplary display of synergy.

Her innovative business concepts blend seamlessly with the star power of the Kardashian brand, leading to remarkable successes for both parties.  

The mother of four, Emma owns an 8% stake in SKIMS, about 23% of Good American, and 22% of Safely according to Forbes.

Emma Grede’s background 

Born and raised in East London, England, Emma’s journey to the top was marked by her passion for fashion and unwavering determination.

After studying business at the London College of Fashion and securing an internship at Gucci, she founded her talent marketing firm, ITB Worldwide, at just 26 years old. 

Throughout her career, Emma Grede has been committed to promoting diversity and empowering underrepresented communities.

Her dedication led her to establish the 15% Pledge, a campaign encouraging merchants to dedicate 15% of their shelf space to Black-owned companies. 

Emma and her husband, Jen Grede have become some of the Kardashians’ closest collaborators in their transition from reality television royalty into savvy entrepreneurs.   

Emma’s path to success hasn’t been without challenges.

The relentless pursuit of her dreams and fearless spirit led her to overcome obstacles that would have deterred others.

She believes that her naivety and courage at the beginning of her journey were the catalysts for her achievements, which have inspired and uplifted countless individuals in the fashion world. 

Emma Grede aims to support and uplift fellow entrepreneurs, especially women and founders of colour. 

Her influence extends beyond her roles in the fashion and business realms, she stands as an icon of empowerment, breaking barriers, and fostering inclusivity.

As she continues to make her mark on the world, there’s no doubt that Emma Grede’s impact will continue to resonate in the fashion industry for years to come. 


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