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Gayle King Surprised to Land Cover Spot on Sports Illustrated’s 60th Anniversary Swimsuit Edition

Gayle King Surprised to Land Cover Spot on Sports Illustrated's 60th Anniversary Swimsuit Edition

Gayle King, the esteemed co-anchor of “CBS Mornings,” found herself in the spotlight of Sports Illustrated’s iconic Swimsuit edition, celebrating its 60th anniversary.

However, what truly stunned Gayle King was not just her inclusion in the prestigious edition but her elevation to the cover star status!

During a live taping of the morning news show on Tuesday, May 14, Gayle King couldn’t contain her astonishment upon learning that she was one of the chosen cover stars for the magazine’s special milestone edition.

The revelation came as fellow cover stars Kate Upton and Hunter McGrady joined the morning show as guests, bearing the exciting news for King.

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“I’m on the cover?” King exclaimed, her eyes widening in disbelief as Upton handed her a copy of the magazine. “They told me I was just going to be on the inside.”

Grasping the magazine with palpable excitement, Gayle King took a moment to absorb the magnitude of the moment. “This is real,” reassured co-anchor Nate Burleson, as King grappled with the unexpected honor.

As King remained momentarily speechless, McGrady stepped in, emphasizing the inclusivity embodied by the concept of “sexy.”

“It goes to say — sexy isn’t an age. Sexy isn’t a size. Look how beautiful you look. That’s so inspiring to women of all ages,” McGrady remarked, gesturing towards the cover. “Yes, girl, you did that.”

Applauding the photographer who captured her swimsuit cover, King credited their guidance in showcasing her features beautifully through expert poses.

“I just never saw myself this way. I still don’t see myself this way,” confessed King. “But when I look at that…I go, I look damn good.”

Indeed, it’s a remarkable moment for King, gracing the coveted Swimsuit Edition just ahead of her 70th birthday in December.

However, while King makes history with her feature, she isn’t the oldest woman to cover the magazine. Martha Stewart claimed that distinction last year as the oldest cover model on a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue at 81.


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