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Jill Scott Faces Backlash for Defending Chris Brown

Jill Scott Faces Backlash for Defending Chris Brown

In a surprising turn of events, Grammy-winning songstress Jill Scott has found herself at the center of controversy for her defence of R&B star Chris Brown. 

Scott’s comments came amidst Brown’s escalating feud with Quavo, a member of the hip-hop group Migos.

Last week, Brown and Quavo exchanged heated words, with Brown accusing Quavo of having romantic relations with one of his exes. 

Quavo retaliated by bringing up domestic abuse allegations against Brown.

The feud reached a disturbing climax when Brown suggested that Quavo should have died instead of late Migos member Takeoff, who was shot to death two years ago.

Despite the controversy surrounding Brown, Jill Scott took to social media to praise him, stating, “@chrisbrown is amazing. How does ANYBODY sing like THAT? Dance, look, Act and Rap… like THAT? Beyond gifted1.” Scott’s comments sparked an immediate backlash, with critics pointing out Brown’s history of abuse allegations.

In response to a critic who suggested that Brown’s victims might disagree with her praise, Scott shared a personal anecdote about her mother’s abusive ex-husband, stating that despite his violent behaviour, his talent as a mason was undeniable. 

She added that she had forgiven him because he had his own trauma to deal with.

Scott’s defence of Brown was met with widespread criticism, with many questioning why she chose to defend him, especially given his history of abuse and allegations of colourism. 

Critics also pointed out the lack of reciprocity, noting that the support extended to Brown by Black women like Scott, Kelly Rowland, and Ciara is rarely returned.

In response to the backlash, Scott tweeted that the criticism she faced showed how some people simply wanted “the highs of war.”

 Despite the controversy, Scott remains a respected figure in the music industry, known for her compassion and resilience.


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