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LeBron James Surprises as He Beats Steph Curry at His Own Game

LeBron James Surprises as He Beats Steph Curry at His Own Game

 In his remarkable 21st NBA season, LeBron James continues to defy expectations. 

On a Sunday showdown against the Brooklyn Nets, he showcased his prowess beyond the arc, outshooting even the legendary Steph Curry himself.

LeBron’s 41.6% success rate from beyond the arc now surpasses other sharpshooters in the league. Kyrie Irving (41.1%), Steph Curry (40.3%), and Klay Thompson (38.2%) all trail behind the Lakers’ veteran.

The 3-Point Duel

 During the game at Barclays Center, LeBron sank an impressive 9 out of 10 attempts, securing a 116-104 victory for the Lakers. 

This performance tied his single career high and etched his name in franchise history.

LeBron’s teammate, Anthony Davis, marveled at the feat: “Nine for 10, and the ones he was shooting wasn’t hitting the rim.

 It’s always great to watch. Most points in NBA history. The way he shot it tonight, masterful.” Davis added, “He’s become a three-level scorer when he shoots the ball like that – guys know he’s a powerful driver, and now you can’t go under his screens. 

Cause he’ll shoot ’em. And he’ll make ’em.”

LeBron James Legacy 

As the clock ticked down, LeBron received a standing ovation from Lakers fans. His final tally: 40 points, seven rebounds, and five assists in just 37 minutes.

 “It’s a really good feeling when you have it going and you’re winning,” LeBron shared. “I’ve been able to be on the floor … on non-game days, my foot has felt a lot better.

 I’m just trying to continue to put my game at a point where I have no weaknesses out on the floor, especially offensively. 

Tonight, I had it going from the 3-point line, and I was able to make a few in the fourth quarter,” he concluded.

LeBron James – a living legend, rewriting the record books, and leaving his mark on the court. 

His generational rivalry with Curry continues to captivate fans, but on this day, LeBron stood tall as the 3-point king.



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