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Tiger Woods Ranks Among Highest-Paid Black Athletes with $67.2 Million Earnings

Tiger Woods Ranks Among Highest-Paid Black Athletes with $67.2 Million Earnings

Tiger Woods, the legendary golfer and one of the world’s Black billionaires, has once again secured a top spot among the highest-paid athletes in 2024. 

The 48-year-old golfer ranks 23rd on Forbes’ 2024 list of the world’s highest-paid sportsmen, earning an estimated $67.2 million in the past year.

The majority of his $55 million in revenues came from off-field ventures such as enterprises, endorsement deals, appearances, collectables, and licensing.

Breakdown of Tiger Woods Earnings

Woods’ earnings are primarily driven by his off-field ventures. Of the $67.2 million, $55 million came from endorsements, business ventures, appearances, memorabilia, and licensing deals. 

His on-field earnings, amounting to $12.2 million, came from just four tournament starts, as Woods approaches the twilight of his illustrious career. 

Throughout his professional golf career, Woods has amassed approximately $1.8 billion, including a PGA Tour-record $121 million in prize money.

Since achieving billionaire status in 2022, Woods has strategically invested his earnings, increasing his net worth from $800 million in January 2022 to $1.3 billion.

A significant part of his wealth came from his 27-year partnership with Nike, which began in 1996 with a $40 million deal. 

This partnership evolved into several lucrative contracts, including a $320 million, eight-year deal, and a $200 million, 10-year contract signed in 2013. 

By the end of 2023, Woods had earned $660 million from Nike.

New Business Endeavors

Woods recently parted ways with Nike. Following this split, he launched his new clothing line, “Sun Day Red,” named after his signature final-round attire. 

The brand features a tiger emblem with 15 stripes, symbolizing Woods’ 15 major tournament victories.

Woods is also expanding his business empire through TGR Ventures, a venture capital firm with investments in diverse sectors, including golf technology, hospitality software, and upscale mini-golf experiences across the United States. 

In October 2023, Woods partnered with Justin Timberlake to open a second T-Squared Social, a premium sports and entertainment gastro-pub.

Woods has emphasized that TGR Ventures represents his “chapter two,” a way of building a legacy beyond golf.

 “TGR is my chapter two,” Woods said. “My way of building a legacy that’s about more than birdies and bogies.”


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