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TikToker Keith Lee Says He Will Defend Himself ‘If Necessary’

TikToker Keith Lee Says He Will Defend Himself 'If Necessary'

Keith Lee, a well-known TikTok personality recognized for his food reviews, recently faced a challenging situation in New Orleans when fans overwhelmed him and his team. 

This incident occurred during his “Keith Lee and Family Food Tour,” and Lee shared the details with Rolling Stone.

Lee described a scene of chaos: “Before I could think, the car was surrounded. People were stopping at green lights, jumping out of their cars in the middle of traffic, running up to us to take pictures, crying and screaming.” 

Due to the intense public attention, Lee, who is 27 years old and trained as an MMA fighter before becoming famous on social media, has had to increase his security measures.

Despite preferring to avoid conflicts, Lee emphasized that he is prepared to defend himself if necessary. 

“I am not a person who likes conflict. I got the biggest security that you could possibly have. God is always watching over me. My hands are registered, too. I’ll beat the hell out of somebody if I have to,” he stated.

Lee originally started using TikTok to enhance his public speaking skills to support his career as a professional fighter. 

“I was so nervous. I was sweaty. It would mess up my entire day just to hear that I had to do an interview,” he explained. He treated his recordings as practice for speaking in front of a large audience, which helped him become more comfortable on camera.

Today, Lee has a massive following on TikTok, with over 16.3 million followers who enjoy his food reviews and other content.


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