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Ex-NFL Scout Arrested for Allegedly Poisoning Pregnant Partner

Ex-NFL Scout Arrested for Allegedly Poisoning Pregnant Partner

Blaise Taylor, a former talent scout for the NFL in Arkansas, was taken into custody on March 14 under suspicion of murder. Allegedly, Taylor poisoned his pregnant girlfriend in 2023.

According to reports from ESPN, Taylor contacted the police on Feb. 25, informing them that his girlfriend, Jade Benning, was experiencing symptoms of an allergic reaction. Tragically, Benning passed away over a week later, on March 25, her 25th birthday.

At the time of her death, she was five months pregnant and unable to communicate with law enforcement due to the deteriorating effects of the poisoning.

The unborn child, presumably fathered by ex-NFL scout Taylor, also perished two days after being admitted to the hospital.

Following an investigation conducted by the Nashville Police, Taylor was apprehended on suspicion of orchestrating the murders through poisoning.

U.S. Marshalls arrested him while he was employed as a Senior Defense Analyst for the football program at Utah State University and are in the process of extraditing him to Nashville.

Statement from Texas A&M Regarding Ex-NFL Player

Notably, Taylor is also affiliated with Texas A&M, where his father, Trooper Taylor, serves on the coaching staff. In response to the situation, Mike Elko, the head coach at Texas A&M, released a statement expressing the severity of the matter.

“Our hearts go out to all those impacted by this tragic event, particularly the family and friends of the victim,” the statement read. “It is imperative to allow the judicial system to handle this case with the utmost diligence and fairness.

Additionally, we extend our thoughts and prayers to Coach Trooper Taylor, Dr. Evelyn Taylor, and their families during this incredibly challenging time.”

Elko stressed the importance of thoroughness and fairness as the investigation progresses, offering support and prayers to the Taylor family on behalf of the program.

At 27 years old, Taylor had previously pursued a career in football, playing for Arkansas State before transitioning to professional scouting in the NFL and later joining the collegiate ranks.

Regarding Benning’s murder, authorities have not disclosed any additional information regarding a potential motive.


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