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Taylor Swift Caught in the Middle of Kendrick Lamar and Drake Feud

Taylor Swift Caught in the Middle of Kendrick Lamar and Drake Feud

Taylor Swift has unexpectedly found herself amid a rap feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake. 

The 34-year-old pop star became the focus of the ongoing battle after Drake dedicated an entire track to Swift, using her name in the title as a jab at Lamar.

Swift’s connection to Lamar began over a decade ago, when she expressed admiration for his music and proved her fandom by singing his song “Backseat Freestyle” on social media. 

In 2015, Lamar collaborated with Swift on a remix of her song “Bad Blood,” marking his first foray into commercial pop music.

Drake’s recent dispute with Lamar started last month after Lamar teamed up with Future and A$AP Rocky to release diss tracks against Drake. 

In response, Drake released his diss track, “Push Ups,” on April 13, targeting Lamar and praising Swift as “the biggest gangster.”

Following “Push Ups,” Drake released another song, “Taylor Made Freestyle,” in which he praised Swift’s influence in the music industry and her ability to impact his album release schedule.

But on the new song, it’s all praise for the ERAS Tour star. Drake raps: “But now we gotta wait a week ’cause Taylor Swift is your new Top / And if you ’bout to drop, she gotta approve / This girl really ’bout to make you act like you not in a feud / She tailor-made your schedule…

“Yeah, shout out to Taylor Swift, biggest gangster in the music game right now / You know, I moved my album when she dropped, I said that already / You know, she ’bout to milli’ run through a Milly Rock on your head top / She got the whole pgLang (Kendrick’s company) on mute like that Beyoncé challenge / Y’all boys quiet for the weekend.”

Meanwhile, Swift has also released a new song, “Thank you aIMee,” which is rumored to be a diss track aimed at Kim Kardashian, who has lost over 100,000 followers since the song’s release on Friday.

The unexpected involvement of Swift in this high-profile rap feud adds an intriguing twist to the ongoing battle between Lamar and Drake.


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