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Kanye West on Drake Rift: ‘He Signed His Soul’

Kanye West on Drake Rift: 'He Signed His Soul'

Kanye West, recently made headlines by accusing fellow rapper Drake of making a deal with the devil.

 According to West, their rift stems from Drake’s supposed turn away from God, which West feels he represents.

West recently contributed to the remix of Future and Metro Boomin’s track “Like That,” expressing his excitement over the “elimination” of Drake from the hip-hop scene. 

Speaking on the latest episode of “The Download” podcast, West claimed that Drake’s actions were influenced by a pact with the devil, which led to a rift between them.

In his podcast appearance, West stated, “It’s like [Drake] signed his soul to the devil to not be cool with me. This is his job—to go against God.” 

He added that he felt energized by Drake’s removal from the music industry.

West also alleged that Drake’s success is bolstered by his “rich baby daddy,” Universal Music CEO Lucian Grainge, whose influence reportedly contributes to Drake’s commercial achievements. 

“Drake has a rich baby daddy, named Lucian [Grainge] and Univee, ‘My daddy controls the spins, my daddy got the DSPs,'” West remarked

Kanye West on Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s feud

Kanye West has recently weighed in on the ongoing feud between Drake, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar. This spat has been building since last year when J. Cole referred to the trio as “the big three,” a label Lamar rejected.

West, who has had his share of differences with Drake, expressed his opinions in a remix of Lamar, Future, and Metro Boomin’s song “Like That.” He criticized Drake’s lyrics and questioned his record deal with Universal Music, implying the rapper sold the rights to his music for a small sum.

The remix premiered on Justin Laboy’s radio show “The Download” and began with the line, “Yo Dot, I got you,” referring to Lamar’s nickname, K-Dot.

Although only a snippet of the song was played, a longer version later leaked online, though it was unclear whether it was genuine or fan-made.

West and Drake’s feud dates back to a 2018 dispute over a beat, which culminated in a notorious Pusha T song produced by West that revealed the existence of Drake’s son Adonis.


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