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Scottish Woman Sues Netflix Over ‘Baby Reindeer’ Character

Scottish Woman Sues Netflix Over 'Baby Reindeer' Character

A Scottish woman, Fiona Harvey, is suing Netflix for defamation, negligence, and privacy violations, claiming she inspired the stalker character Martha in the hit series “Baby Reindeer.” 

Harvey’s lawsuit, filed in a California court, seeks over $170 million in damages, arguing that Netflix spread “brutal lies” about her to millions of viewers.

Allegations and Lawsuit

Harvey alleges that the series falsely depicted her as a convicted criminal who spent time in prison for stalking. The lawsuit claims Netflix failed to verify the accuracy of the show’s content and misrepresented her for dramatic purposes. 

Netflix has vowed to “defend this matter vigorously,” supporting the show’s creator, Scottish comedian Richard Gadd, in his right to tell his story.

“Baby Reindeer,” created by Gadd, is based on his alleged experience of being stalked by a woman he met at a pub where he worked. 

Despite Gadd’s appeal to fans not to identify the character Martha, Harvey has come forward, stating she is the person portrayed. Gadd is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

Netflix baby reindeer trailer

Netflix Defense

Netflix maintains that “Baby Reindeer” is a true story, though the end credits note that some characters and incidents were fictionalized. 

In a parliamentary hearing, Netflix executive Benjamin King described the show as a true account of Gadd’s harassment by a convicted stalker, a claim challenged by SNP MP John Nicolson, who found no evidence to support it.

Harvey denies the allegations of stalking and sexual assault depicted in the series. Her lawyer, Richard Roth, asserts there is “incontrovertible documentary evidence” proving she has no criminal record. 

The lawsuit includes a background check and a certificate showing no convictions. Harvey claims she has received death threats and become reclusive since the series aired.

Harvey is confident in her legal battle, telling BBC News, “Otherwise, we wouldn’t be doing it.” Roth believes there is no doubt Harvey’s identity was used in the show’s plot. 

The case continues to attract attention as one of the major TV controversies of 2024.


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