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The Black-Owned Fashion and Lifestyle Brands You Need to Be Following

black owned

Black-owned brands – not only fashion and lifestyle, do not get the credit they deserve. According to a recent survey carried out by Brand Africa to identify the 100 most admired brands in Africa, only 13% were African-owned brands.

The survey was based on data collected across 25 countries spanning the five economic regions of the African continent, accounting for an average of 80% of Africa’s population and GDP. As expected, the list was dominated by European and North American brands – which accounted for a whopping 87%. 

There needs to be a conscious shift in the paradigm. If Africans are truly conscious about building Africa, then we should be deliberate in promoting African-owned brands. As the saying goes ‘your most important step is your next.’ Below, we have listed 15 top Black-owned fashion and lifestyle brands you need to be following. Don’t just check them out, follow and support their business. Support Africa!


Christelle Story and her twin sister Michele founded Grass-Fields in 2013 after Christelle was inspired by her Ankara blazer. Originally known as “The African Shop,” Grass-Fields now offers a diverse range of vibrant printed clothing options that can match any luxury brand anywhere in the world.


Claude Kameni, the creative force behind LavieByCk, gained widespread recognition when Tracee Ellis Ross wore one of her stunning Ankara gowns to the 2018 American Music Awards. LavieByCk specializes in dramatic and glamorous pieces for both men and women, with face masks also available through LavieByCk Mask.

Jam & Rico

Launched in 2016 by Lisette Scott, Jam & Rico draws inspiration from the vibrant aesthetics of the Caribbean. Each collection is named after a different island and features eclectic statement jewellery pieces like the Carmen Earrings with silk tassels and a cowrie shell post.

Valerie Madison Fine Jewelry

Valerie Madison Fine Jewelry offers a selection of classic hand-crafted pieces designed by founder Valerie Madison. With a focus on quality and customization, the brand specializes in engagement and wedding rings alongside other timeless jewellery items.

Brother Vellies

Brother Vellies, founded by Aurora James, offers a range of earthy-toned shoes and accessories. Known for its aesthetic appeal and commitment to sustainability, Brother Vellies recently introduced the “Something Special” program, offering handmade surprises to subscribers each month.

Lafalaise Dion

Ivorian jewellery designer Lafalaise Dion gained recognition for her cowrie shell face mask featured in Beyoncé’s “Spirit” music video. As the “Queen of Cowries,” Dion creates unique masks, headpieces, and body jewellery using this traditional West African symbol.

Love, Vera

Love, Vera, founded by Vera Moore and Nate Johnson, fills the gap for affordable lingerie with a diverse size range. The brand emphasizes inclusivity both in its product offerings and hiring practices. If you are a lady who pays attention to details, then you should definitely look, follow, and patronize them.

Chinero Nnamani

Chinero Nnamani’s eponymous label celebrates classic Ankara fabrics and West African silhouettes from the ’50s and ’60s. Through timeless designs and durable fabrics, Nnamani aims to honour the rich cultural heritage of African countries.


Carly Cushnie’s luxury brand Cushnie offers form-fitting clothing with unconventional silhouettes. Following Michelle Ochs’ departure in 2018, Carly Cushnie renamed the brand to reflect her vision of trendy and sophisticated designs. Trust us when we say their pieces are a sight to behold.

Chic Geeks

Candice Adams’s Chic Geeks offers luxury tech accessories, including fashion-forward cases for Apple products. With a wide range of styles, Chic Geeks combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. They have been listed and showcased amongst the top leading brands across the globe.

Kashmir VIII

Kashmir Thompson’s artwork celebrates Black pop culture, adorning home decor items and everyday essentials. Vibrant designs, including those inspired by Lauryn Hill, are hand-painted by the artist. If you value the ambience of a homely apartment, then you should certainly look them up.

Alexandra Winbush

Alexandra Winbush offers customized vibes through its candle brand, with each purchase accompanied by a curated playlist and tea selection. Brittany Winbush strives to create a calming atmosphere with her soothing scents. There are top premium scented candle brands across the globe, and Alexandra Winbush stands tall amongst that class.


Telfar Clemens’s iconic Shopping Bag, known as the “Bushwick Birkin,” has become a symbol of unisex fashion. The brand offers select clothing items and accessories, including jewellery inspired by its logo. It has appeared on many international fashion walkways, and it always stands out!

Lit Brooklyn

Lit Brooklyn, founded by Denequa Williams, specializes in candles with soothing aromas like lemon and vanilla or tobacco and leather. The brand is celebrated for its calming scents and elegant packaging. Lit Brooklyn will serve the purpose of both good aroma and premium decoration in any space.

1929 Galore

1929 Galore, established by TeQuila Miller, offers vintage-inspired jewellery pieces in gold. With a focus on chunky rings, statement necklaces, and hoop earrings, the brand appeals to lovers of timeless accessories. It is the pure definition of vintage, and choosing to work with gold is indeed the masterstroke. Take a minute to check them out – and fall in love with perfection.


It is no news that some global fashion, lifestyle and beverage brands are even more popular in Africa than in their country of origin. For instance, reports reveal that Guinness beer is consumed more in Nigeria than in Ireland – where it originates from.

It is important to note that this article is not in any way claiming that there is a problem with Africans admiring foreign brands, it is only pointing out the imbalance. Knowing more Black-owned brands will mean more patronage for Black entrepreneurs and their businesses – this will translate into a higher GDP that will improve the economy of the African continent.

However, it is important to note that African-owned brands must continue to strive to meet global standards, so as to continually appeal to the larger public – especially those with premium tastes and desires.


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