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Top 5 Black Producers That Dominated 2023

Top 5 US Black Producers That Dominated 2023

Black music experienced another robust year in 2023, with hip-hop celebrating its 50th anniversary and the emergence of various genres globally, including afrobeat, amapiano, dancehall, punk, club, and drill.

Many of the year’s biggest hits owed their success to the talented individuals behind the scenes. \

These directors cannot only take a song and turn it into a visual masterpiece but also capture the emotion, energy, and essence of the music in a way that is both captivating and emotionally charged.

Here is a list of Black producers who Made an Impact in 2023

Tay Keith

In 2023, Tay Keith appeared to be present on the music scene.

The 27-year-old black Memphis native contributed to various projects, reintroducing hip-hop enthusiasts to the reminiscent beats of early 2000s Project Pat/Three 6 Mafia, notably heard in tracks like Sexyy Red’s “SkeeYee” and Drake’s “First Person Shooter” (featuring J. Cole).

Additionally, he spearheaded the production for hits like Travis Scott’s “Meltdown,” Offset and Cardi B’s “Freaky,” and GloRilla’s “Wrong One,” among others. This year, Keith certainly lived up to his reputation.

Jahaan Sweet

What sets Jahaan apart is his remarkable versatility. In the current year, he has demonstrated his ability to produce a diverse range of music, from Travis Scott’s “Sirens” to Taylor Swift’s “Lavender Haze.”

This follows his outstanding performance in 2022, during which he crafted instrumentals for Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem. Clearly, this young talent is someone not to be underestimated.

Metro Boomin

What more can be said about Metro Boomin that hasn’t already been expressed? Nevertheless, 2023 proved to be one of the superproducer’s most significant years yet.

Not only did he contribute to some of the year’s biggest hits like Lil Durk’s “War Bout It” and Travis Scott’s “Til Further Notice” (featuring James Blake).

Metro also dropped his Grammy-nominated album, Heroes & Villains, packed with bangers. Tracks like “Superhero” continue to resonate and captivate audiences.

ATL Jacob

ATL Jacob didn’t just have a successful 2023; he wrapped up the year in an exceptionally strong manner. In addition to producing Nicki Minaj’s “FTCU,” “Fallin 4 U,” and “Let Me Calm Down.

The 25-year-old also contributed a plethora of beats to albums by Jeezy, Rick Ross, and Meek Mill, all of which were released in the last two months of the year.


Although MCVERTT may not have achieved household recognition (yet), his musical contributions are certainly familiar to fans. As a Jersey Club producer, he is most notably recognized for his work on Lil Uzi Vert’s “Just Wanna Rock.”

Additionally, MCVERTT has produced other regional hits on the East Coast, such as 41’s anthem “Bent,” IShowSpeed’s “Shake,” and numerous collaborations with Bandmanrill.

Together, they have pioneered a fusion of Jersey Club and Bronx drill, creating a fresh sound that is rapidly gaining traction across the tri-state area.


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