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Boston Allocates $500K in Grants to Empower Black Men and Boys

Boston Allocates $500K in Grants to Empower Black Men and Boys

Boston.com reports that Boston has allocated $500,000 in grants to 63 local organizations to bolster community empowerment and support positive outcomes for Black men and boys.

Mayor Michelle Wu, alongside the Office of Black Male Advancement, unveiled the 2024 Empowerment Grants on March 26, emphasizing the city’s commitment to addressing systemic disparities and promoting equity.

  • “I’m grateful to the Office of Black Male Advancement and Commission on Black Men and Boys for their critical work to invest in and empower our communities,” said Mayor Michelle Wu. 
  • “We’re excited to relaunch these Community Empowerment grants and look forward to partnering with the community in our shared goal to provide multi-faceted, comprehensive programming and support that uplift our Black men and boys across neighbourhoods.”

Goals of the Empowerment Grants

Funded through the Office of Black Male Advancement’s operating budget, the grants aim to provide financial support to community-based organizations working to make a difference in the lives of Black men and boys across the city.

Organizations receiving grants are focusing on seven key areas identified by the city, including mentoring, youth development, housing, economic inclusion, workforce training, fatherhood engagement, and mental health.

Frank Farrow, executive director of the Office of Black Male Advancement, highlighted the importance of collaboration with local organizations in driving positive change.

  • “The Community Empowerment grants will provide additional financial support for Boston community-based organizations to continue their invaluable efforts within our neighborhoods day in and day out,” said Farrow.
  •  “I’m excited to collaborate with local community-based organizations and can’t wait to see the continued positive impact they will be able to bring to our Black men and boys across the city.”

Among the recipients of the grants are organizations such as Young Man with a Plan and the Family Nurturing Center of Massachusetts, recognized for their dedication to advancing the well-being and opportunities of Black men and boys in the Boston area.


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