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Elon Musk Ends Partnership with Don Lemon Following Tense Interview

Elon Musk Ends Partnership with Don Lemon Following Tense Interview

Elon Musk has terminated his collaboration with former CNN anchor Don Lemon after what was described as a “tense” interview. According to CNN, Musk pulled the plug just hours after Lemon was interviewed for the premiere episode of his new digital show.

Lemon claimed that Musk didn’t appreciate certain questions “from people like me.” Musk initially expressed support for Lemon and his unique perspectives but quickly changed his stance after their discussion.

Despite Musk’s initial encouragement for Lemon to join X with a new show and assurances of his full support, the situation shifted following their conversation. Musk, who had agreed to be the first guest on ‘The Don Lemon Show,’ backed out after the interview.

Lemon revealed that Musk had also expressed interest in collaborating with diverse voices but ultimately reneged on his commitment. Lemon plans to release his show on social media platforms and YouTube, and despite the controversy, he intends to promote it on X.

Lemon Says Elon Musk Isn’t a Free Speech Absolutist

The interview between Lemon and Musk was described as “respectful and wide-ranging,” with no restrictions imposed by Musk. However, things didn’t go as planned, leading to tensions between the two.

Lemon suggested that Musk’s commitment to free speech may be limited to certain individuals, particularly those who look a certain way. Musk seemed enthusiastic about creating platforms for free speech, but Lemon believes this mindset doesn’t extend to questions about him from individuals like Lemon.

During their conversation, Lemon reiterated the importance of their exchange, despite its tense moments. However, Musk’s alleged discomfort with Lemon’s questions about topics such as his use of ketamine, antisemitism, and government security clearance led to the fallout.

In response to Musk’s decision, X released a statement defending its chairman and affirming Lemon’s right to share his content on the platform unofficially. While X supports the publication of Lemon’s show without censorship, it decided against entering a commercial partnership with the show after careful consideration.

Aside from his recent endeavors in show business, Lemon reportedly received a substantial settlement from CNN after being fired last year, amounting to $24.5 million.


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