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Fujifilm Vet Systems Launch Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test in Japan

Fujifilm Vet Systems Launch Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test in Japan

VolitionRx Limited, a pioneering multi-national epigenetics company, has forged a significant partnership with Fujifilm Vet Systems Co. Ltd. 

A renowned leader in veterinary diagnostic laboratory services, to introduce the Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test to the veterinary community in Japan.

Under the terms of the supply agreement, Volition empowers Fujifilm Vet Systems to distribute and conduct cancer screening services for dogs utilizing the Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test across its extensive network of central reference laboratories throughout Japan. 

This collaboration represents a vital step forward in enhancing the early detection capabilities for canine cancer within the Japanese veterinary landscape.

The Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test stands as an accessible and cost-effective screening tool meticulously designed to aid in the timely detection of cancer in dogs, thereby facilitating improved treatment outcomes and enhanced patient care.

Dr. Tom Butera, Chief Executive Officer of Volition Veterinary Diagnostics Development LLC expressed immense enthusiasm about this venture, emphasizing the transformative potential of this partnership for Japanese veterinarians and their furry patients.

Dr. Butera remarked, “We are delighted to venture into the Japanese market alongside Fujifilm Vet Systems, a distinguished leader in veterinary diagnostics. 

With its expansive network of ten laboratories, Fujifilm Vet Systems is exceptionally positioned to provide our cutting-edge Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test to veterinary clinics and hospitals nationwide. 

This test represents a significant advancement in early cancer detection for dogs, offering simplicity, ease of use, and seamless integration into preventive care programs.”

Echoing Dr. Butera’s sentiments, Dr. Jasmine Kway, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Volition, underscored Japan’s strategic importance as a key market for the Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test in Asia. 

She expressed confidence in the collaboration with Fujifilm Vet Systems, highlighting their shared commitment to advancing veterinary oncology through innovative diagnostic solutions.

Kiyotaka Fujiwara, Chief Operating Officer at Fujifilm Vet Systems, expressed excitement about the addition of the Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test to their diagnostic service portfolio.

 He emphasized the company’s dedication to expanding wellness testing offerings for Japanese veterinarians, affirming their readiness to notify customers promptly upon the test’s availability for purchase.

About Volition

Volition stands as a global leader in epigenetics, driven by a steadfast commitment to advancing scientific understanding and improving outcomes for individuals and animals grappling with life-altering diseases. 

Through its subsidiaries, Volition is at the forefront of developing and commercializing simple, cost-effective blood tests for the early detection and monitoring of various diseases, including certain cancers and conditions associated with NETosis, such as sepsis.

Headquartered in Belgium, Volition conducts extensive research and development activities, supported by innovation laboratories and offices in the United States, London, and Singapore. 

The company’s subsidiary, Belgian Volition SRL, serves as the contracting party in the supply agreement with Fujifilm Vet Systems.

About FUJIFILM VET Systems

FUJIFILM VET Systems is a trusted provider of comprehensive testing services, specializing in health checkups for veterinary medical facilities across Japan. 

With a network of contract laboratories spanning ten bases nationwide, Fujifilm Vet Systems has earned acclaim for its prompt and convenient services, catering to the diverse needs of veterinarians and pet owners alike.


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