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Jacksonville Surpasses Austin to Become 10th Largest U.S. State – Census Bureau

Jacksonville Surpasses Austin to Become 10th Largest U.S. State - Census Bureau

The U.S. Census Bureau recently unveiled its latest population data, revealing shifts in urban demographics that might come as a surprise to many. 

At the forefront of this demographic shift is Jacksonville, Florida, which has now overtaken Austin, Texas, to secure the 10th spot on the list of the nation’s largest cities, boasting a population of 985,843 residents. 

Despite this growth, New York City continues to dominate as the most populous U.S. city, home to over 8 million people and far outstripping second-place Los Angeles by nearly 4.5 million.

The rankings might raise eyebrows, especially with Miami’s absence from the top 10, a detail attributable to the Census Bureau’s methodology of counting only those residing within actual city limits, where Miami’s population stands at 455,924.

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 In contrast, Miami-Dade County ranks as the seventh largest in the nation, with a total of 2,686,867 residents.

Florida cities showed notable growth overall in 2023. Port St. Lucie led the state with a 5.7 percent population increase from the previous year, growing from 231,852 to 245,021 residents. 

Meanwhile, Cape Coral grew by 3.5 percent, surpassing Hialeah to become the seventh largest city in Florida with a new population of 216,915.

Despite these changes, the top three most populous cities in Florida remain Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa, in that order. 

So, the next time you find yourself in a traffic jam, dreaming of an escape, remember—it could indeed be busier. 

You could be navigating the crowded streets of New York City or the burgeoning thoroughfares of Jacksonville.


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