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Meta to Introduce Monetization Features for Content Creators in Nigeria and Kenya

Meta to Introduce Monetization Features for Content Creators in Nigeria and Kenya

In June 2024, Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, will empower content creators in Nigeria and Kenya to monetize their content on these platforms.

This initiative, which includes earning opportunities through ads and other features, is aimed at retaining the top content creators within Meta’s ecosystem.

Creators will have the option to run in-stream ads and utilize Instagram gifts, allowing users to purchase digital tokens to support their favorite content creators.

Speaking to some of Nigeria’s leading creators at Meta’s Lagos office, Nick Clegg, President of Global Affairs at Meta, emphasized the global reach of Nigerian creators and the company’s commitment to providing them with tools like Instagram stars and gifts that are available to creators worldwide.

Meta Visits Africa To Enable Content Monetization

This move follows the successful implementation of similar monetization features in countries like America, Australia, Canada, and South Korea, where creators have been able to earn through programs like “Ads on Reels” since 2023.

This performance-based program compensates creators based on the number of plays their reels receive, allowing them to focus on creating content that resonates with their audience and drives growth.

Clegg, leading a delegation on a week-long visit to Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya, engaged with policymakers, creators, and local innovators.

The visit aimed to strengthen Meta’s ties with the region and underscore its commitment to facilitating Africa’s digital economy.

During the visit, discussions also revolved around Meta’s recent infrastructure investments, including the deployment of subsea cables in Lagos and Uyo in February 2024.

These cables, designed to be less susceptible to disruptions, are poised to enhance connectivity across the region.

Additionally, Kenya’s inclusion in the monetization project, announced by President William Ruto, follows a successful trial program and is scheduled to kick off in June 2024.

This development is expected to revolutionize how Kenyan content creators engage with and benefit from their work on Instagram and Facebook.

Notably, South Africa and Egypt are already part of Meta’s Facebook Creator program, further highlighting the company’s commitment to supporting content creators across the continent.


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