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Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul Sanctioned as Professional Match, Rules Revealed

Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul Sanctioned as Professional Match, Rules Revealed

In an unexpected move, the fight between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul has been sanctioned as a professional match by Texas authorities. This decision means the outcome of the bout will be part of their official boxing records.

The match is set for July 20 in Arlington, Texas, and it has raised concerns about the fighters’ health due to their significant age differences and varying experience levels.

The fight will feature eight two-minute rounds, shorter than typical professional fights. The gloves used will be more padded at 14 ounces instead of the usual 10 ounces. These adjustments take into account the age gap between 57-year-old Tyson and 27-year-old Paul.

There are fears about Tyson’s powerful punches potentially causing serious harm to Paul, who is less experienced.

Training footage of Mike Tyson shows him hitting the punching bag with his characteristic intensity. Meanwhile, some question Tyson’s fitness and worry about his risk against a much younger opponent.

Jake Paul, a YouTuber who turned professional boxer in 2020, has defeated former UFC champions Anderson Silva and Nate Diaz in boxing matches. His only loss so far was against Tommy Fury in February 2023.

Mike Tyson, on the other hand, is a boxing icon who became the youngest heavyweight champion at age 20 in 1986. His last professional fight was a loss in 2005, but he made a comeback for an exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr. in 2020, which ended in a draw.

The fight was announced last month and will be streamed live on Netflix. Promoters have been coordinating with Texas licensing authorities to secure approval for the match as an official professional bout.

As the fight date nears, fans worldwide are eagerly anticipating the outcome of this unusual matchup.


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