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NY Comedian Jon Laster Launches APP that Makes It Easier to Find Black-Owned Businesses

NY Comedian Jon Laster Launches APP that Makes It Easier to Find Black-Owned Businesses

In the spirit of black history month, there is a growing desire within the black community and among its allies to support a wider range of Black-owned businesses. Hence, New York-based comedian Jon Laster launched Blapp, designed to simplify the process of finding Black-owned businesses and services across the United States.

The Genesis of Blapp

Blapp was conceived by Laster, who saw a pressing need to make it easier to locate and support Black-owned ventures. In an interview with CBS Chicago, Laster shared the inspiration behind the app.

“Everyone wants to help, but you got to help me help you make it easy,” he explained. The idea took shape after his conversation with a friend in Silicon Valley.

The Scope of Blapp

Blapp is more than just a directory; it’s a comprehensive platform that encompasses a wide range of businesses, from bookstores and clubs to real estate agents and doctors. Dubbed a “Black shopping app,” Blapp aims to assist consumers who are keen on making conscious spending choices, ensuring their money supports their communities or helps minority businesses flourish.

The Economic Impact of Black Consumer Spending

The launch of Blapp comes at a time when Black consumer spending is on the rise. According to McKinsey, the “collective economic power” of Black individuals is expected to reach $1.7 trillion by 2030, nearly doubling from its estimated $910 billion in 2019.

Despite this growth, Black consumers and entrepreneurs still face challenges, such as “consumer deserts” and limited access to capital funding, which hinder their participation in the consumer market.

Blapp aims to address these issues by making it easier to find and promote Black-owned businesses, contributing to the growth of the Black economy.

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The Future of Blapp

As of now, Blapp boasts a diverse listing of 60,000 businesses, with aspirations to expand its reach to all Black entrepreneurs, enabling them to showcase their companies to a broader audience.

Through Blapp, Jon Laster hopes to create a platform that not only supports Black-owned businesses but also strengthens the overall economic empowerment of the Black community.

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