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Orlando Commissioner Regina Hill Faces FDLE Investigation Over Alleged Exploitation of $100k from 96-Years-Old Woman

Orlando Commissioner Regina Hill Faces FDLE Investigation Over Alleged Exploitation of $100k from 96-Years-Old Woman

An investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) has been initiated into Orlando Commissioner Regina Hill conduct following accusations of exploiting $100,000 from a 96-year-old woman. 

The FDLE launched the investigation after receiving a tip from an aide of Hill’s. 

Allegations suggest that Hill manoeuvred herself into the role of power of attorney for the woman during a meeting in 2021, subsequently purchasing a home and listing the victim as a co-owner without her consent. 

How this Happened

This acquisition added to the victim’s existing properties, which included her current residence and a second home inherited from her family.

Court documents reveal further allegations, implicating Hill, her son, and her son’s friend in residing in these properties and using funds for various personal expenses, including home repairs, a facelift, IV infusions, a New Year’s stay in Miami, car insurance, and dental surgery. 

Investigators assert that the transactions, totaling over $100,000, were solely advantageous to Hill.

Attorney John Martino, representing the elderly woman, emphasizes the importance of thoroughly investigating cases of financial exploitation against the elderly. 

He filed a petition for an injunction to prohibit Hill from contacting the woman directly or indirectly while the investigation is ongoing, ensuring the woman’s continued well-being.

According to reports from the New York Post, the alleged victim denies authorizing Hill to utilize her finances, claiming she signed documents without full comprehension and would never have agreed to grant Hill power of attorney.

Regina Hill ‘s History with Legal Troubles

This isn’t Hill’s first encounter with legal troubles. Her history includes 21 past arrests dating back to 1983, involving drug offences, fraud, writing bad checks, and DUIs.

 While Hill remains uncharged in the current investigation, the City of Orlando has acknowledged the case but lacks the authority to take disciplinary action against an elected official.

Despite the looming investigation, Hill appears unperturbed. In a Facebook post, she expressed her choice to prioritize spending quality time with her grandchildren over discussing the challenges of her political career.


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