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Shonda Rhimes Faces Accusations of Using Ozempic After Dramatic Weight Loss

Shonda Rhimes Faces Accusations of Using Ozempic After Dramatic Weight Loss

Shonda Rhimes, the acclaimed showrunner behind hit shows like “Scandal,” “How to Get Away with Murder,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “Bridgerton,” has recently been the subject of speculation following her dramatic weight loss. 

Rhimes’ slimmed-down appearance on the cover of Variety’s “Power of Women” issue has led to accusations of her using the weight loss drug Ozempic.

Rhimes, who has been open about her weight loss journey in the past, looked noticeably slimmer in an all-black jumpsuit with a pearl belt on the magazine cover.

Social media users were quick to comment on her transformation, with many praising her new look. 

However, others speculated about the methods she used to achieve her weight loss.

In 2015, Shonda Rhimes shared that she had lost over 117 lbs by changing her lifestyle. 

“I just decided I was going to get it together and get healthy. I have some little kids, and I want to be around for them,” the 54-year-old mother of three girls told Extra. 

She also revealed that she had lost close to 150 pounds by 2017.

Despite her previous statements about her weight loss journey, some social media users have suggested that Shonda Rhimes may have used Ozempic, a drug typically prescribed to patients with type 2 Diabetes. One user even joked, “Oprah talked her into it”.

Rhimes is not the first celebrity to face such accusations. Recently, rapper Busta Rhymes was also accused of using Ozempic after losing 100 pounds.

As of now, Rhimes has not responded to these speculations. It’s important to remember that the journey to health and wellness is personal and unique to each individual. 

Regardless of the methods used, Rhimes’ commitment to her health is commendable.


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