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The Most Popular Black Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow


Black lifestyle bloggers have emerged as pivotal influencers in shaping public perceptions across various domains such as fashion, beauty, wellness, travel, and culture. They provide a vibrant spectrum of content, including insights on food, fashion, parenting, health, and personal growth. These bloggers have transcended the role of influencers to become key figures in sculpting cultural narratives, offering authenticity and innovation that resonates with their audience.

Here are the ten most celebrated black lifestyle bloggers you should be following for an infusion of inspiration, empowerment, and a sense of community:

  1. Sweet Potato Soul – Jenné Claiborne

Jenné Claiborne, the visionary behind Sweet Potato Soul, infuses the vegan culinary world with a mix of comfort and health. Her blog is a showcase of her culinary prowess, offering recipes that prove vegan food can be both delectable and wholesome. Jenné is your go-to for soulful vegan recipes that are guaranteed to enrich your dietary lifestyle.

  1. Shalyce Tyson

Tyson’s blog stands out for its multifaceted coverage, spanning fashion, beauty, parenting, business, and personal growth. Shalyce engages her audience with content that’s both engaging and enriching, establishing her blog as a vital resource for contemporary living.

  1. The Kitchenista Diaries – Angela Davis

Angela Davis of The Kitchenista Diaries transforms the kitchen into a sanctuary of comfort food recipes that captivate any food enthusiast. Her blog is filled with detailed, enticing recipes aimed at those eager to spice up their cooking game.

  1. Mattie James

Mattie James blends home, family, and lifestyle topics with her influencer expertise. Her digital masterclasses are a goldmine of insights on empire-building, making her blog an invaluable asset for budding influencers and entrepreneurs.

  1. Black Girls Eat – LA Dunn

LA Dunn’s Black Girls Eat serves as an inspirational hub for those embarking on a plant-based journey or aiming to enhance their health. The blog is replete with tips, recipes, and personal stories advocating for a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Life With Tanay – Tanay Howard

Tanay Howard’s blog offers a haven for parents seeking guidance, tips, and strategies for fostering a nurturing home environment. Life With Tanay tackles the complex challenges of parenting with practical and innovative solutions.


  1. Adriana Lately

Adriana’s blog serves as a holistic guide to navigating life’s diverse aspects, from home decor to travel and seasonal tips. Her wide-ranging content ensures there’s something for every lifestyle enthusiast, marking her blog as a must-visit destination.

  1. Made by Carli – Carli Alves

For DIY enthusiasts, Made by Carli inspires creativity in interior design and home projects. Carli’s blog motivates readers to unleash their creative potential and personalize their living spaces.

  1. Curly Nikki

Originally focusing on natural hair, Curly Nikki has evolved into a comprehensive lifestyle platform, offering insights on mindset and personal empowerment. Nikki’s journey into wellness and self-improvement provides a guide for those looking to enrich their lives holistically.

  1. Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina goes beyond beauty blogging to advocate for inclusivity within the beauty industry. Her blog and YouTube channel are filled with insightful reviews, beauty tips, and a commitment to representation, making her an essential follow.

These ten black lifestyle bloggers of 2024 exemplify the diversity and depth of content available, entertaining and educating while fostering a sense of belonging and shared experiences. Whether your interests lie in culinary arts, fashion, parenting advice, or DIY projects, these influencers are invaluable resources in the dynamic world of lifestyle blogging.


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