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Why Did Reggie Bush Lose His Heisman Trophy? Details of His Formal Reinstatement

Why Did Reggie Bush Lose His Heisman Trophy? Details of His Formal Reinstatement

Former New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush is set to reclaim his Heisman Trophy after 14 years. 

The Heisman Trust officially announced the reinstatement of the trophy, which Bush initially won in 2005. 

This development marks the end of a tumultuous journey for Bush, who was stripped of the prestigious award due to NCAA rule violations.

Why Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy Was Stripped Away

In 2010, Bush lost his Heisman Trophy following an NCAA investigation that uncovered violations of the rules. 

The investigation revealed that Bush had received gifts and benefits from marketing agents while playing for the University of Southern California. 

These actions were prohibited by NCAA regulations at the time.

However, college sports have since evolved significantly, particularly with the introduction of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rules. 

These changes have allowed college athletes to receive compensation for their brand, creating a shift in how athletes can benefit from their success. 

The Heisman Trust’s decision to return the trophy to Bush also includes an invitation for him to attend future award events and ceremonies. 

In a statement, Michael Comerford, president of the Heisman Trust, expressed enthusiasm about welcoming Bush back to the Heisman family and recognizing his exceptional collegiate achievements.

Reggie Bush Achievements

Bush’s athletic career is marked by notable accomplishments both in college and professional football. 

During his time at USC, he rushed for 1,740 yards on 200 carries and scored 18 touchdowns in 2005, earning him 784 out of 892 first-place votes for the Heisman Trophy. 

His outstanding performance cemented his reputation as one of the most exceptional collegiate football players of his era.

After his college career, Bush transitioned to the NFL, playing for teams such as the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, and San Francisco 49ers. 

He eventually retired from professional football in 2017.

Bush’s journey back to reclaim his Heisman Trophy underscores the complexities of NCAA regulations and the evolving nature of collegiate athletics. 


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