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50 Cent’s Joke About Michael Rainey Jr.’s Assault on Camera

50 Cent's Joke About Michael Rainey Jr.'s Assault on Camera

Rapper 50 Cent responded to an incident involving “Power” star Michael Rainey Jr., who was groped on camera, which left him visibly uncomfortable. 

Initially, 50 Cent seemed to minimise the incident in a now-deleted Instagram post, suggesting it was just “an aggressive advance” and jokingly said that no charges would be pressed.

“Wait sexual assault,” he wrote with a shocked face emoji in a now-deleted Instagram post. “From a male perspective this was an aggressive advance. LOL HE’S fine no charges are being pressed [shrug emoji].”

The public did not take 50 Cent’s lightly, and they pointed out the need to take such incidents seriously and pointed out the double standards in how society treats male victims of sexual assault. 

Many said, that if the roles were reversed, the repercussions would be much more severe.


The groping occurred during a live stream hosted by TyTy James, where his sister inappropriately touched Rainey. The discomfort was clear on Rainey’s face, and he quickly left the stream after the incident. 

TyTy later issued an apology on Instagram, admitting his sister’s actions were wrong and inappropriate. Michael Rainey Jr. also commented on the event, expressing his shock and the difficulty in processing what happened. 

He strongly condemned the assault, emphasising that such behaviour is unacceptable, regardless of gender. 

Michael Rainey Jr.’s Response

Rainey shared his response to the incident on his Instagram story. “I am still in shock and struggling to process what happened last night,” he wrote. “This is a regrettable situation that I unequivocally do not condone.

I can’t dismiss it lightly because I am aware that if the roles were reversed, the consequences would be severe for me. The truth is, sexual assault is never acceptable, regardless of gender or status.

We’re all human and owe each other respect. Most importantly, we must always respect ourselves.”

Reactions from Social Media

This post backfired on the “In Da Club” rapper, who quickly faced criticism for his remarks about Diddy, especially given the recent lawsuits, the raid on his home by Homeland Security, and the emergence of footage showing him assaulting Cassie.

Tamorah Shareef Muhammad commented: The fact that 50 Cent came out and said Michael Rainey (Tariq from Power) was NOT sexually assaulted and that’s he’s fine when he clearly felt uncomfortable and immediately left when that girl touched him in his private parts is part of the problem in todays society. 

Women can be predators too. Women can sexually assault others as well and women need to be held accountable. 

If he did that to her his whole life and career would be up in FLAMES. We have to protect our young black men too!

GryKngBlakState: 50 cent has a brand to protect & viewership which is likely more women. 

I think the term “sexually assualted” is not the appropriate term because it diminishes women who actually get brutally sexually assaulted. 

A better term might be inappropriately or nonconsensually touched.

ABitOfKwansLife: “Of course, 50 cent dismissed Michael Rainey Jr. the lead in one of his shows being sexually assaulted ON CAMERA,” another user wrote. “But some of y’all put him on a pedestal when it comes to Diddy. His motivations are strictly personal. He does not [give a f**k] about victims of domestic & sexual violence.”


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