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America’s Second-Richest Black Billionaire’s Net worth Hits $10B

America's Second-Richest Black Billionaire's Net worth Hits $10B

David Steward, co-founder and majority shareholder of World Wide Technology (WWT), has solidified his position as one of America’s wealthiest individuals and the second-richest Black billionaire in the nation.

His net worth has surged past the $10 billion milestone, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Steward’s net worth has witnessed a notable surge, climbing from $10.1 billion on Feb. 19 to $10.4 billion as of the latest report, marking a $300 million increase in just 20 days.

This remarkable uptick, averaging $15 million per day since Feb. 19, is primarily attributed to the outstanding performance of his significant 59-percent stake in WWT, a prominent information services and hardware provider.

WWT, recognized as one of the largest black-owned businesses in the United States, plays a crucial role in cloud computing, security services, and digital consulting, boasting an annual revenue stream of $17 billion.

Steward’s stake in WWT has seen a notable increase, now standing at $10.4 billion, driving his surge in wealth.

With the recent rise in his net worth, David Steward has accumulated year-to-date wealth gains exceeding $850 million, totalling $858 million, according to data from the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Global Leadership among Black Billionaires

Ranked as the world’s 233rd richest individual, Steward’s $10.4 billion net worth solidifies his standing as one of the world’s wealthiest black billionaires and the second-richest Black billionaire in the United States.

Trailing behind Robert Smith, founder and chief executive officer of Vista Equity Partners, who is worth $11.4 billion.

Steward’s recent wealth surge underscores his prominence within the technology sector.

With experts anticipating further increases in his net worth amid the robust performance of the tech industry, his investment positions him favourably for continued prosperity in the foreseeable future.

David Steward’s $10.4 billion net worth reflects leadership among Black billionaires worldwide


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