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Kobe Bryant: 7 Proud Moments from His Iconic Career

Kobe Bryant: 7 Proud Moments from His Iconic Career

Kobe Bryant was a basketball prodigy whose physical gifts were off the chart, but his mental state elevated his game to otherworldly heights. He left behind a legacy as an all-time great NBA player, one of the biggest sports icons of the 20th century, and an image almost shrouded in mythology.

From the moment he entered the NBA, Bryant had a platform to become a transcendent star. Not every player arrives under such circumstances. He famously pushed his way to the Los Angeles Lakers in the draft and joined a team on the rise built around Shaquille O’Neal.

Suddenly, one of the buzziest young players in years was in one of the country’s biggest media markets. Bryant played second fiddle to O’Neal early in his career, but he was able to develop into a star in his own right under a bright spotlight.

Though O’Neal was the anchor for those Lakers teams that won three straight championships, Bryant was the more aesthetically pleasing player to watch. Lanky and hyper-athletic, Bryant was the Lakers’ perimeter threat, a player liable to drive the lane and dunk or hit a pull-up jump shot at any moment.

He became the most exciting player to watch on a team that became the face of the NBA following Michael Jordan’s retirement.

Kobe left a mark on the world, both on and off the court, as we reflect on his remarkable career.


Here are 7 moments that remind us why Kobe Bryant will always be remembered as one of the greatest athletes ever.

Youngest Starter in NBA History:

  • At 18 years and 158 days old, Bryant became the youngest player ever to start an NBA game against the Dallas Mavericks in January 1997. He scored 12 points in a Lakers victory.

Youngest All-Star Participant:

  • Bryant made history again at 19 years and 170 days old when he played in the All-Star game in 1998, the youngest player to do so at the time.

Most Points in a Single Game:

  • In January 2006, Bryant scored an astounding 81 points against the Toronto Raptors, the highest single-game total in the modern NBA era.

Career Scoring Records:

  • Bryant holds several scoring records, including the most points, free throws, and turnovers by a guard in NBA history.

Defensive Excellence:

  • He earned nine All-Defensive First Team honours, matching only three other players in NBA history.

All-Star Dominance:

  • He participated in a record-setting 18 All-Star games and earned a joint-record four MVP awards during his All-Star career.

Oldest Player to Achieve Milestones:

  • At 37, Bryant became the youngest player ever to reach 33,000 points and the oldest player to score over 60 points in a single game during his final game for the Lakers in 2016.

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