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Dubai May Not Extradite Quincy Promes, Lawyer Warns

Dubai May Not Extradite Quincy Promes, Lawyer Warns

Police in Dubai again arrested former Dutch national football player Quincy Promes on Wednesday. The athlete is considered a fugitive in the Netherlands due to a drug trafficking conviction in February.

He was arrested because of an urgent bulletin the Netherlands issued via Interpol to alert other countries that he was a wanted man, the Dutch Public Prosecution Service (OM) announced. The Netherlands plans to file for his extradition.

Promes was initially arrested late last month in connection with a hit-and-run car crash. The footballer was caught when he showed up at the Dubai airport intending to catch a flight out of the United Arab Emirates.

Soon after, the Dutch authorities said they would begin discussing the possibility of extradition, but Promes was allowed to leave his jail cell while awaiting the legal system’s next steps.

Quincy Promes’ Dutch lawyers remain tight-lipped on the outcome of the Netherlands’ request to extradite the footballer from Dubai.  Sophie Hof and Robert Malewicz acknowledge the complexity of the process, highlighting the lengthy nature of extradition proceedings and the involvement of an independent judge in Dubai.

Promes faces a double whammy: a 1.5-year sentence for a stabbing incident and a separate six-year sentence for alleged cocaine smuggling. The lawyers clarify that the extradition request pertains specifically to the drug case, for which an arrest warrant was issued.

However, Promes’ legal team emphasizes that the fight is far from over. They point to the ongoing appeal against the drug conviction, arguing that the Amsterdam court’s judgment isn’t final. The Court of Appeal will conduct a full re-evaluation of Promes’ alleged involvement.

While the legalities play out in Dubai, Hof and Malewicz remain silent, likely strategizing their next move as they await the judge’s decision on the extradition request.


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