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Wendy Williams’ Cheating Ex Demands Alimony for Living Expenses

Wendy Williams' Cheating Ex Demands Alimony for Living Expenses.

Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams’ former husband, filed a motion in the New Jersey Superior Court on March 12, seeking nearly two years’ worth of unpaid spousal support from Williams.

The legal action comes in the wake of Williams‘ recent diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia and aphasia.

Hunter’s legal team argues that Williams has failed to fulfil her spousal support obligations since their divorce in 2020.

According to a press release earlier this year, Williams’ care team revealed her diagnosis of primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia.

Wendy Williams’ Health Challenges

The release also addressed past speculation regarding Williams’ cognitive abilities, citing instances where she exhibited difficulty with language, erratic behaviour, and struggles with financial transactions.

The diagnosis, the release states, has facilitated Williams’ access to necessary medical care.

Reports indicate that Williams is currently residing in a care facility, undergoing treatment to address her cognitive functioning.

Her niece, Alex Finnie, confirmed this information to People magazine in February.

Additionally, the recent Lifetime documentary “Where is Wendy Williams?” depicted Williams experiencing cognitive challenges during interactions with her staff and loved ones.

Williams currently has a court-appointed legal guardian overseeing her financial affairs and health to prevent potential exploitation due to her cognitive issues, as reported by People.

In court filings, Hunter claims he has not received spousal support payments since January 2022, emphasizing the financial strain it has caused him.

Williams’ team has not responded to requests for comment from TODAY.com regarding the legal dispute.

The documentary also sheds light on Williams’ financial difficulties, with her manager, Will Selby, attributing the appointment of a guardian to her precarious financial situation.

Wells Fargo’s involvement in freezing Williams’ accounts further raised concerns of financial exploitation, prompting questions from her friend Regina Shell in the documentary.

An attorney representing Wells Fargo requested that the company’s petition regarding Williams’ accounts be filed under seal, according to a letter dated February 9 obtained by NBC News.

The unfolding legal proceedings underscore the complexities surrounding Williams’ health and financial affairs.


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