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Magic Johnson Honors Jackie Robinson Ahead of MLB Tribute

Magic Johnson Honors Jackie Robinson Ahead of MLB Tribute

On April 15, Major League Baseball commemorated the enduring legacy of Jackie Robinson, marking 77 years since his historic debut as the first Black player in the league. 

The Los Angeles Lakers icon, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, took center stage to reflect on Robinson’s profound contributions to the sport.

According to MLB.com, Johnson, who co-owns the Los Angeles Dodgers, addressed the crowd, emphasizing how Robinson’s trailblazing journey paved the way for him and other Black athletes. 

For the past four years, the Dodgers have gathered at the Jackie Robinson statue in the center field plaza before each game, paying homage to the MLB Hall of Famer.

“Jackie paved the way for me,” Magic declared. “Between Jackie Robinson and Muhammad Ali, they opened the door for me to become a Dodgers owner. 

Jackie Robinson paved the way for me. Without him breaking the color barrier in the MLB for the Brooklyn Dodgers, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to become a part owner of the Dodgers.

I’m forever grateful and proud to be a part of an organization with a history of promoting advancement and equality.

I’m looking forward to celebrating Jackie Robinson Day at Dodger Stadium tonight with Dodger nation, family, friends, and of course the men in blue as they face the Nationals!

Without Jackie breaking the color barrier and playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers, I wouldn’t have this opportunity. 

Today is not only a celebration for the Robinson family but also a momentous occasion for baseball and the Dodgers.”

Sports Illustrated reported that on Jackie Robinson Day, every Major League team donned Robinson’s iconic number 42 on their uniforms. 

The Washington Nationals, the Dodgers’ opponents on April 15, also participated in honoring Robinson’s enduring impact on the game of baseball.


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