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Meet Sheena Allen: A Leading Woman in the Fintech Industry

Meet Sheena Allen: A Leading Woman in the Fintech Industry

Picture this: a small-town girl named Sheena Allen from Mississippi with dreams of an artistic career, who ends up shaking the very foundations of the tech world.

As a college student majoring in film and psychology, Sheena didn’t see herself as a tech mogul. 

But fate had other plans. In her final year, a lightbulb moment led her to create a mobile app, catapulting her into the world of technology with Sheena Allen Apps. 

It wasn’t just a success; it was a phenomenon, with thousands of downloads pouring in daily.

How Sheena Allen Started

But Sheena’s journey was just getting started. Her travels between towns and her rural Mississippi home opened her eyes to a glaring disparity: while some embraced cashless transactions, others were left behind. 

That’s when CapWay was born—a fintech startup aimed at making banking accessible to all, regardless of location or background.

What makes Sheena’s approach unique? Diversity. She understood that traditional banking didn’t cater to everyone, so she built a team that mirrored the richness of her clientele.

 With people from all walks of life, CapWay became more than just a financial service; it became a beacon of inclusivity.

At CapWay, it’s not about working for the company; it’s about working with it. Sheena believes in empowering her team, recognizing that their success is intertwined with the company’s growth. 

Her Major Challenge

It’s this collaborative spirit that sets CapWay apart in an industry dominated by rigid hierarchies.

Sheena’s journey isn’t without its challenges. Funding remains a constant hurdle, especially for a Black woman in a male-dominated industry.

 But she doesn’t let setbacks define her. Instead, she’s fueled by a relentless drive to defy expectations and pave the way for others like her.

With her background in psychology and film, Sheena brings a unique perspective to fintech. She understands that financial decisions aren’t just about numbers—they’re about mindset.

 Through CapWay, she’s on a mission to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to take control of their finances.


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