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NBA Legend Michael Jordan Welcomes Serena Williams to His Tequila Brand

NBA Legend Michael Jordan Welcomes Serena Williams to His Tequila Brand

Basketball icon Michael Jordan is expanding his successful tequila brand, Cincoro Tequila, by bringing in Serena Williams and a group of elite athletes as co-owners.

Michael Jordan recently announced that sports stars like tennis champion Serena Williams and baseball legend Derek Jeter are now investors in Cincoro Tequila.

Michael Jordan, a co-founder of the brand, expressed his excitement about this new chapter, emphasizing the shared values and passion for excellence that underpin Cincoro’s approach.

“Cincoro has always been special to me because of the authentic friendships we’ve established around enjoying Cincoro and spending time together, designing it, experiencing it, and tasting it. We are constantly striving for greatness,” Jordan, co-founder of Cincoro Tequila, said in a press release.

“Being part of Cincoro isn’t just about business — it’s about championing a legacy of greatness,” Williams said. “I love Cincoro. Just as I’ve strived for excellence on the court, I recognize the dedication and drive behind Cincoro and I’m thrilled to be part of the team.”

The new ownership group, known as Team Cincoro, includes notable figures such as Gerry Cardinale, founder of RedBird Capital Partners, the Lerner Family, owners of the Washington Nationals, and former NFL player Michael Strahan.

With celebrities increasingly investing in tequila, Cincoro plans to leverage its star-studded team to expand its global reach while maintaining its loyal fan base.

Team Cincoro will use the influence and networks of its co-owners for strategic marketing efforts, including public appearances, media campaigns, and immersive events.

Serena Williams, the 23-time Grand Slam champion and team leader, expressed her enthusiasm for joining Cincoro, noting the brand’s commitment to excellence aligns with her own dedication to success in tennis.

Along with the new co-owners, Cincoro Tequila announced plans to introduce new 375-milliliter bottles for its Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo varieties in early May 2024.

Since its launch in 2019 by NBA team owners and Jordan, Cincoro Tequila has won over 28 awards in major competitions, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the spirits industry in just five years.


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